Wizard Barristers Episode 03 – Hachiya’s Guilty Past


Japanese: ウィザード・バリスターズ〜弁魔士セシル

You can watch this series here: http://www.crunchyroll.com/wizard-barristers

Previous Episode Summaries

This has nothing to do with the episode, but in the long run I expect to be important; Shark Knight Law Office is a competing Wizard Barrister law firm that is known for their hot guys and never recruiting anyone that is a Wud. But two guys from that firm, Sameoka Kiba and Shibuki Kujira, tried recruiting Cecil because she is so cute. She declined, or rather they were declined for her because they saw Sasori and left. Their law firm is supposedly amazing and they were Hotaru’s first choice, you know if they allowed women.

Mitsuhisa Hachiya was a prosecutor before becoming a Wizard Barrister. There was a case three years ago where an innocent man he prosecuted was sentenced to death. Right up till he died, that man persisted he was innocent that that his manager (he worked for a stage show) was the one that tricked him into killing his coworker. We learn later in the episode that his manager did trick him into using magic and that he forced everyone in the stage crew to lie in their testimonies to have this person put to death.

That man had a girlfriend named Saotome Mayu. At the time of the incident she was 22 and just before the incident she and the man began their happy lives living together, but not being married. She was the only one that believed her boyfriend. The scar on Hachiya’s left eye is a result when the man tried defending himself against the judge’s decision, used his ice magic in a desperate attempt. Some ice flew at her and Hachiya jumped and saved her, but getting cut himself. It should also be noted that the judge’s gavel, which executes his decision, wasn’t working.

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Hachiya was a prosecutor until two years ago when his Wud powers awakened. Normally they awaken when you’re a teenager. Prosecutors aren’t allowed to be Wuds so he jumped ship and went to the other side of the courtroom after being hired by Butterfly; he still shares connections with the police force he worked with for so long. Hachiya became involved in a certain case during the course of the episode where he found himself staring into Mayu’s eyes once again when she is found behind bars for killing her former boyfriend’s manager. Cecil was given to him to be his assistant for this case.

The case this time is straightforward. There was no need to run around looking for evidence of innocence. The girl herself claimed that she killed the manager to let off some steam, but claimed that she hasn’t seen the manager since her boyfriend’s death. Hachiya hoped that he could reduce the death sentence the prosecution is hoping to achieve with a lighter life sentence decision.

The trial went forward without a hitch and proceeded as Hachiya wanted it to go. Mayu was found guilty of second degree murder, because there is no connection that the prosecution could find that tied her with the manager these three years. When the ruling was handed out, Hachiya used his magic to remove Mayu’s handcuffs. They agreed on this prior to the trial if he got her a life sentence.

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Mayu killed the manager on purpose she said to everyone in the courtroom. She found it ironically maddening that she, perfectly guilty of first degree murder, got a life sentence, but her boyfriend accidentally killed someone and he got the death penalty. She couldn’t stand it and now with her hands free, she desired to get revenge on everyone that did her boyfriend wrong, starting with Hachiya. He was living with guilt for three years and only now came to realize that he’ll be free of his burden if he allows her to kill him. That was their agreement, but Mayu didn’t want him dead alone.

Hachiya told Cecil to stay out of what happens no matter what, but now that the situation spiraled out of control so fast, she jumped into action. Again the judge’s gavel wasn’t working the way it should. Mayu used her magic to throw a block from the courtroom at the judge, but he was saved by someone. Cecil ignored Hachiya and used a new magic to attack Mayu with. She shot a blast of energy at Mayu. Mayu blocked the energy blast, but she died when Shizumu Ekuso, a police officer, shot her through the heart.

Hachiya inched his way toward Mayu across the floor. He was there to hear her final words. She said Labone, Macal, and Grimoire 365. The incident came to a close. Hachiya was put on house arrest for a short time for his actions in the courtroom. Normally he would be arrested or his Wizard Barrister license would have been revoked, but Ageha worked some secret magic and got his sentence shortened. The ending was a scene of a man talking about Cecil’s new magic being useful to him and also how Labone is after Macal.

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