Buddy Complex Episode 04 – No Going Back


Japanese: バディ・コンプレックス

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Watase Aoba was attacked by Dio after the battle in the previous episode when he came out of the cockpit to talk with Hina, who was piloting an enemy Valiancer. His actions nearly caused everyone to die and this was most pronounced in Lee, a fellow pilot. He was placed on a stretcher and led out of the hanger with his possible girlfriend, the scientist Elvira at his side. Lee doesn’t blame Aoba the way Dio does, because he believes firmly that without Dio everyone would be dead. He is their savior and their salvation. Dio is told to relax after being reminded that Aoba is in fact a civilian, so they can’t expect him to follow military rules.

The Cygnus, the aircraft’s name, heads to Narashima base for repairs after the last two battles. Narashima is also Aoba’s hometown where he’s lived his whole life up to this point. He was given permission to wander around outside, but with Mayuka spying on him wherever he goes. He noticed her very early on and told her to come out, which she did. Having Mayuka come out also made wandering around Narashima easier, because she has a device that gave her directions wherever Aoba wanted to.

Mayuka volunteered to spy on Aoba. She has strange taste in men, the other two girls in the bridge say to each other. Lene left after touching down in Narashima on a personal mission. Aoba and Mayuka went through the city to the place where he once called home, but today there’s nothing there. It’s an empty plot of land owned by the military for the war, but an atack on the base 8 years ago stopped that. Now it’s empty of everything and level as if they’re going to plant crops there. Mayuka, at Aoba’s insistence, checked for the residence of his sister who would be 88 now, but nothing came up. It’s very likely that she got married so that her name changed. How amazing it would be if later he met her.

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They also visit Aoba’s old high school. It was still standing, but there was a large blast hole through the center of the building that was caused during the attack 8 years ago. Since then they didn’t bother to repair the building and left it in its ruinous state. The basketball court was still there, and so was  deflated basketball. Mayuka tried being smart with Aoba and asked if he knows what basketball is. He’s on the basketball team, he had to say. It was a good time, but he also remembered how a few days ago for him, he saw Hina sitting just off the court reading a book. He remembered back to the fight when he saw Hina again and it was like two different people entirely.

Everything is different. As they were heading back to the Cygnus, Aoba asked Mayuka if it’s possible he doesn’t have to pilot the Valiancer again. His mind flashed with the images of Lee’s injury and of Dio attacking him. Mayuka responded by saying that if it weren’t for him everyone would be dead. She doesn’t know about anyone else, but she feels like he is their savior. He then recalled when Captain Gengo asked for his help directly, when Lee told him that he is their savior, and even the mechanic putting his life in Aoba’s hands. He then changed his mind and said okay, he’ll pilot it.

Aoba and Mayuka went to see Gengo about his decision and everyone agreed that Aoba was the best person for the job, if only because he matches well with Dio for the Coupling. He was given the rank of second lieutenant. He went to show Lee his new uniform and Lee congratulated him, but also said that he can’t pull that stunt again. Now that he agreed to this, they expect him to act like a soldier. I don’t think he understands this quite yet. Lene’s secret mission was to kill Aoba if he didn’t come back, she’s thankful that he came back on his own.

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There was an emergency call by a private plane under attack by Zogillia forces. Aoba, Dio, and another guy suit up to enter battle. Aoba and Dio were told when to Couple, but when they tried it didn’t work. Elvira explains that the pilots’ must trust each other, and it’s clear to everyone that Dio doesn’t trust Aoba. To be expected after Aoba forcibly cut the connection in the previous battle and Dio’s still suffering from that.

The private plane belongs to the wealthiest family in the alliance, the Weinberg family. That is Dio’s family. He flew into a frenzy to save his family from being captured. He knows that his family could be used as a political chip in the war, aside from natural affection to save his family. When Aoba learned that Dio’s family was in there, he gained Dio’s trust by talking about his family. After this they tried the Coupling again and it worked this time. Gengo muttered how nice it must be to young. They save Dio’s family and escort them to another base Cygnus was already heading for. Dio has a little sister in a wheelchair and a hard father.

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