Saki the Nationals Episode 04 – East Round Victory


Synonyms: Saki: Nationals

Japanese: 咲-Saki-全国編

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The first hand of the third round of the nationals finally begins and this is also the first hand that we see Kiyosumi play in. Yuuki’s going up againt Eisui’s Jindai Komaki, Himematsu’e Suzu Ueshige, and Shiromi Kosegawa of Miyamori Girls High. All eyes are on Yuuki and Jindai for obvious explosive reasons. Everyone knows how Yuuki is the higher point earning player ever in the individual tournament, even beating out the monster herself Teru. But everyone also found out that she’s practically unbeatable in the early East round, she wilters after the East rounds.

Jindai is an exceptional player in her own right and during last year’s tournament awakened like a demon from sleep. She was the one of the two new coming monsters that appeared in last year’s tournament among freshmen. The other monster was of course Koromo. Suzu and Shiromi are above average players, but nothing outstanding distinguishes them from other players with unique abilities. Suzu’s power isn’t shown during this episode, so I won’t go into that, but Shiromi’s power is more of a unique trait.

Her power increasing her winning point total the longer she hesitates to discard a tile. Her power is like a folktale where people visit a shrine and the shrine or temple gives out riches. The more patient Shiromi is when she plays, the higher pay out she receives. If I were her, I would personally wait a minute between discards, but it doesn’t seem like she’s aware of her power. This is just who she is; she is simply a very careful player.

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Yuuki was the first to score blood as dealer. She has a high chance that she’ll be dealer; this is just a law of Saki Universe. Third turn in she declared riichi and waited. Shiromi discarded and this caused Jindai to declare a pon to chance the flow of the game. Suzu drew Yuuki’s winning tile, but this only delayed the inevitable because Yuuki won anyways with a slightly cheaper hand. Instead of taking 8,000 from everyone with a baiman, she took 4,000 instead.

Yuuki won two more consecutive times. She had a brief flashback back to the training camp. She was playing against Koromo and the beanpole (whom she calls the beanpole), Jun. I don’t recall the fourth person, but that doesn’t matter. What does matter was when Koromo asked Yuuki why her motivation plummeted when it entered another hand and Yuuki told her that she can’t concentrate if it’s not the East. She wants a game where there’s only the East. Koromo simply told her with a smile to win every hand in the East to make a game only in the East. Such simple, childish logic, but for Yuuki it does wonders.

Yuuki had her fourth win in a row stolen from her after Jindai woke up (she’s been playing with her eyes open this whole time and yet she was asleep) and played stupidly into Suzu. Jindai is a curious girl, easily the cutest at the table, she is called a princess. Eisui is planning on her losing every hand now. In their room they’re talking about how they might need to come back from 90,000 in the hole. Team tournaments only start with 100,000, so they expect Jindai to actually lose 90% of their point total. This is not the monster everyone was expecting. Saki felt like a monster was going to sleep instead of one arriving, but around the table Yuuki felt a presence similar to Saki for a second.

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Yuuki tried mounting another rampage during the second and final East round, but the opportunity was stolen from her again. Shiromi is beginning to get smart the longer she plays. She’s hesitating more with her discards, something she should’ve been doing at any rate. The episode comes to a close after Shiromi calls one of her famous hands. Miyamori’s captain (the final player) had a decent amount of time in the episode, but I really don’t like this girl. She’s annoying, but her name is Toyone: nonetheless I’ll try to be impartial when she plays.

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