The Pilot’s Love Song Episode 04 – Ariel Tells Her Story


Synonyms: Love Song of a Certain Pilot

Japanese: とある飛空士への恋歌

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In this episode, the bulk of it was told by Ariel about the days when Karl first went to live with her and her family. After it became known Karl and Claire were lost, the knights went looking for them and the students were ordered to go home. Axis fought tooth and nail to get back to his plane to search for them, but he was pushed back and punched until he obeyed. Everyone in the common class stayed behind in the hangar building that night because of Ariel and her wish to stay here until Karl and Claire return. Everyone else stayed with her to comfort her.

It was shortly after the Wind Revolution that Karl was picked up by Ariel’s dad and taken home. Her two older sisters Noel and Manuel were excited to have a younger brother. They are 12 and 16 respectively and Ariel at that time was 9. Karl was also 9 and his birthday is on June 6th and Ariel’s is on June 7th, hence why they argue all the time about who is the younger sibling. They weren’t told who Karl really was, their dad only told him that his parents died and he’s going to live with them from now on.

Karl was very quiet, nervous, and emotionally distraught over his parents’ deaths. Ariel he was shy and a terrible example of an older brother. She forced him to man up and gain some pride as a man by calling him childish and saying how she might be younger, but she is more of an adult because she can eat when she’s nervous. Her taunts worked when nothing else could. Their dad sat back and watched; I’m sure he could have done something for Karl then, but he knew he had to get accustomed to the family as fast as possible.

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Karl would also cry most nights after his arrival. Ariel is shown once catching him crying, but she wisely didn’t say anything. She was curious because he was saying ‘mom’ when he was crying. She understood his pain to some degree because her own mom died when she was very young. It was by accident she found out who Karl really was when she and he were taking a basket of lunch to her dad. They came across a play of the Wind Revolution and one man in the audience threw a rock at the actress playing Karl’s mom and called her a whore. Karl attacked that man suddenly while growling at him to apologize to his mom. He is lucky Ariel was the only one that put two and two together.

After arriving at her dad’s place of work on the same day Karl got into a fight with that guy, Karl went for his first plane ride ever. Normally Ariel is the one to go into the sky with her dad, but him seeing Karl all beat up like he was had compassion upon him. Karl loved flying ever since then, but if you remember he’s wanted to fly for a long time because of a promise he’d made with his mom before she died.

Karl told this to Claire in the middle of the ocean, but he left out such details like being the former crown prince. His identity is safe for the time being; all he said was that he lost his parents in the revolution and that he’s never had to do anything for himself before living with Ariel. Claire is able to empathize with Karl because her mom doesn’t live with her and she’s living with her uncle right now.

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I love watching these two; they’re almost as cute, if not more cute, as Yuuta and Rikka from Chuunibyou and they might be my favorite couple since Nagisa and Tomoya. On the night before they are rescued by the knights, Claire realized who Karl really was. She didn’t think it was possible that he was the former prince, but then she remember Nanako’s rumor that the former prince sneaked aboard Isla to get revenge against Nina Viento. She doesn’t want to believe it is him.

Claire told Karl that Ariel really cares about him and worries constantly about him, but she hides it by yelling at him all the time. He doesn’t sound convinced, but promises to apologize to her when they’re saved. But after being saved and during his apology, she pummeled him with punches and yelling at him to apologize to everyone and even Claire for this. She had to be restrained from hitting him and had tears in her eyes. Claire went away quietly back to her home where it was revealed that she is Nina Viento all decked out in her priestess costume, complete with a wig and a robe and everything!

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