Engaged to the Unidentified Episode 04 – Romantic Comedies Are Good Too

[Underwater] Mikakunin de Shinkoukei - Engaged to the Unidentified - 04 (720p) [EDD42726].mkv_snapshot_11.44_[2014.01.30_12.00.32]

English: Engaged to the Unidentified

Japanese: 未確認で進行形

You can watch this series here: http://www.crunchyroll.com/engaged-to-the-unidentified

Previous Summaries

Kobeni became sick the day after learning about the accident Hakuya didn’t want her to remember at all costs. She always had a weak body, Benio told the siblings so this was halfway expected. Benio wondered that the siblings didn’t tell Kobeni about it themself, but Mashiro said Hakuya didn’t want her to know. Benio feels bad about the accident, like really bad. She blames herself for the whole thing happening.

There’s no question she loves Kobeni the most and that she’s glad that young Kobeni followed her everywhere, but there were times that Benio wants to spend with her friends. She was supposed to look after Kobeni on the day of the accident, but she pushed that job onto her grandpa and went to play with friends. Kobeni overheard her sister saying these things to Mashiro and very weakly said it isn’t her fault before falling to the floor. Kobeni came downstairs even though she was sick to prepare breakfast.

Benio made breakfast and it’s not edible for anything or anyone. It looked like poison to be honest and she also fails to understand how to work a toaster because their bread was burnt black. It’s amazing that a fire didn’t start. I don’t think anyone ate food for the whole duration Kobeni was out sick. While she was out sick, Kobeni was thinking about the accident obviously and how little she still remembers. After she was done thinking about that, she wondered how she should lok at Hakuya now. She feels responsible and she is utterly revolted with herself for forgetting that she injured him.

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Hakuya offered to stay home from school to care for his fiance, but Benio would under no condition allow that to happen, saying that she might be okay with them being engaged, but she will have Kobeni remain pure until she is married. Hakuya said, ‘Isn’t that obvious?’ Benio was taken back and thought it mighty suspicious that a teenage boy doesn’t have that on his mind. Mashiro had no idea what they were talking about and Benio wasn’t about to corrupt her so she said that they’re talking about cabbage. Apparently cabbage is good for a stomach ache and Mashiro had another (foundless) reason to worry.

After school Mashiro came to check on Kobeni. She said as she wiped Kobeni of her sweat that Benio was perfectly tolerable today because she was so worried about Kobeni to bother her. I bet somewhere deep inside where she wouldn’t even realize it herself, Mashiro wishes that Kobeni will stay sick forever. Kobeni has an ugly scar on the side of her body that we saw when she removed her shirt for Mashiro to wipe. She never knew where she got the scar from until she learned about the accident yesterday.

It is funny how Kobeni thinks about her fiance when she was sick. He was always seemingly standing at her door with a worried look on his face. Well for him that doesn’t mean much because his face looks the same always, but she knows what expression he’s wearing at any given time now. And she finally figured out that Hakuya is a loyal dog looking after his master. I don’t know if this is a worrisome metaphor, but Hakuya sure looked pleased.

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The next day Kobeni recovered and in the living room she was talking to Benio when Hakuya walked in. She was still unsure how she should look him in the eye after learning about how she injured him by reason of the accident. She looked away from him and he took that to mean that she hates him now. He as devastated; there were tears coming to his eyes. I think Hakuya’s and Mashiro’s family are ninjas because of the way Hakuya just teleported out of there instantly and ran away from Kobeni. She followed him immediately after.

Kobeni found Hakuya sitting alone on a park bench depressed and not in the right mind. She apologized; he was apologizing. They were both apologizing and nothing was being said until Kobeni saw the time that they were late for school and yelled to stop the apologizing. She told Hakuya that she is very thankful to him for saving her life; without him she wouldn’t be here now. She is gratefully embarrassed to him and she comes forward that she doesn’t know how she should look at him now. The misunderstanding was cleared up. A mood was created; flags were triggered and many more would have been if they didn’t need to leave for school. Mashiro met them on the way and said she pulled some strings to make first period self study. Benio is allergic to romantic comedies.

Kobeni asked her friend for help because she wants to get closer to Hakuya, but she doesn’t know what he likes. She doesn’t want to ask him herself because that would be too embarrassing, so the friend asked. Hakuya said that he likes Kobeni. It was like a cannon fired; everyone was still for a few seconds until Kobeni exploded, blushing from ear to ear. He didn’t have to say it suddenly like that, she said. But it’s true he likes her, he said. She and he had a one-sided conversation as Kobeni yelled at him to stop making certain expressions while both her friend and Mashiro were left in the dark.

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That evening the siblings received a reply from home. Hakuya had extremely fast reflexes to catch an arrow in midair. He read the letter, which said that they’re going to send someone from home to check on things. Just before this, Mashiro was telling Hakuya that they’ll have to tell Kobeni about their family some time, but she feels that they need to be closer so the shock of it doesn’t scare her. I bet they’re a family of ninjas.

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