Magi Kingdom of Magic Episode 17 – Declaration of War


English: Magi: The Kingdom of Magic

Synonyms: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic 2

Japanese: マギ The kingdom of magic

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Titus told Mogamett everything about Reim, Scheherazade, how he was made a clone after she cast a spell on her own body for years. But the most important thing of all, Titus said that he has a month left to live because a clone created in this manner only has a lifespan one-tenth of the total casting time for the spell. Mogamett had compassion on him after hearing this and seeing with his own eyes what Titus is going through. Titus believes the worst part about himself is that he’s envious of Aladdin and Sphintus because they get to live in this world where the sun shines and there is air to breathe.

Scheherazade then took over Titus’ body so that she could speak with Mogamett directly. She laid a proposition for him to either become under Reim’s rule, or be consumed by the Kou Empire when they decide to go to war. Mogamett doesn’t like either option and said he will never bow down to either nation and be ruled by goi. This news didn’t bother her at all, but she told him to return Titus to her. He refused and that was when things became dangerous.

Scheherazade openly said that Titus is like her in mind body and spirit. Mogamett has one thing going for him and that is his love for magicians that he views as his personal, real blood children. He views Titus that way and if Reim or Scheherazade endangers his child, then he will o to war against Reim and Scheherazade. In their confrontation just now Scheherazade had more power, but she was further away. Mogamett was able to repel her long enough to shatter the crystal in Titus’ forearm, severing his connection with Scheherazade.

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After the connection closed between Titus and Scheherazade, Titus woke up. Mogamett told him what happened and that he plans to go to war with Reim to keep him alive. Titus was scared of this outcome because he still has lingering affection for Reim and Scheherazade, but he’s also terrified of three Metal Vessel owners in Reim. They are Nerva Julius Caluades (son of the current emperor), Ignatius Alexius (old war commander), and Muu Alexius (leader of the Fanalis corps).  Scheherazade appeared before these three and told them to prepare for war with Magnostadt. To Ignatius, she told him to bring back Titus because he’s also a child of Reim.

Mogamett spoke with Aladdin after he calmed Titus down and put him to sleep. He told Aladdin everything he heard from  Scheherazade and Titus. Aladdin was shocked to learn that Titus thought that way about him, but instead of being angry he feels nothing but sadness for his friend that he can’t do more for him. Mogamett said that he’ll talk to everyone in the school tomorrow about going to war with Reim, but tonight he wants to ask Aladdin for his help in the war. Aladdin made no such promise to help him fight in the war. It’s almost as though he knows exactly who and what Aladdin is. He might have more respect for Magis after meeting  Scheherazade.

Aladdin posed his own question to Mogamett concerning the dark djinns and black metal vessels. Mogamett openly admitted that he was allied with Al-Thamen and that he learned about djinns and king candidates and metal vessels from Ithnan. He thought that Ithnan and Al-Thamen shared the same views he does, that magicians should be the rightful rulers of the world and of goi. He learned about Black Rukh from Ithnan and for years they researched together using the tools Al-Thamen would bring them.

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Mogamett also said that conversations with Al-Thamen broke down and they severed their alliance after it became known that they gave magic tools to goi. Aladdin remembers the people he’s met from Kassim to Dunya that had a dark metal vessel supplied to them by Al-Thamen and the anger inside of him began to boil. I really do think Aladdin had feelings for Dunya, but that’s neither here nor there since she’s dead. With one truth found out, many more questions come to Aladdin as he still tries to find the source of the evil in Magnostadt. He heard from Mogamett that he gave weak magic tools to the pirate kids on a  get rich quick scheme. Mogamett hoped to sell magical tools for money in the future and those kids were his first guneia pigs.

Sinbad heard about Magnostadt declaring war on Reim and how Reim is answering with troop movement against them. Magnostadt is situated between Reim and the Kou Empire. After Mogamett made his speech about the war, the magicians at first were excited to fight for their families, but when it became known to them that this war is a suicide mission, their courage fled away. Titus came to find Aladdin to see if he hates him, but Aladdin doesn’t hate him. In fact, he still believes in finding the true enemy. His words fell on both Titus and Sphintus, but their questioning gaze told me that they have no idea who he is referring to and it isn’t Reim or Kou.

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