KILL la KILL Episode 16 – The Hidden Truth

[Underwater] KILL la KILL - 16 (720p) [BD0C7AC4].mkv_snapshot_20.36_[2014.01.31_08.26.22]

English: KILL la KILL

Synonyms: KLK

Japanese: キルラキル

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It might be hard to believe, but Satsuki was shaken by her battle with Matoi. She was fighting two battles at the same time. She was fighting the obvious fight against Matoi which she took a humble draw against, but her second battle was against her own clothes. Junketsu was trying to kill her by taking over her body. She was pale when she forced Junketsu from her body, sweat was dripping. She nailed him to her wall in her helicopter so that he won’t have another chance to kill anyone. Nui was piloting the helicopter and she is here on a mission sent by Satsuki’s mom to take her back home to the mansion. Satsuki wasn’t ready to against her mom’s orders, so she told her helpers to tell her top four to stay on guard until they get back to Honnouji Academy.

Aikuro is ready to tell Matoi everything concerning the Life Fibers, Nudist Beach, her dad Isshin, the Kiryuin family horrors, and so forth. She told Mako to go back home, but Mako will follow her dearest friend to the end of the world. She is just not ready to go full nude yet like Aikuro or Tsumugu. Their secret base is hidden underground. They must dive into a filthy river to get there. While walking to a certain location that looks like a classroom hidden in their base, Aikuro began explaining that Nudist Beach was created solely by Isshin, Matoi’s dad. I loved how Mako thought Isshin created Nudist Beach to sit on a nudist beach surrounded by naked women all day, and better yet I love how Matoi knew exactly what Mako was thinking and told her to stop.

All of this was in the way of introduction to some of the strangest evolution theories I’ve ever heard in anime and outside of anime. While watching the episode you might think that the two explanations for how humans and Life Fibers came to be confusing, but it’s really not. It’s really straightforward and absurdly simple for being this late into the series. But then everything else in the show is quite simple to understand. Before I get into the backstory, let me just say that Satsuki had some special lotion rubbed into her skin by her mom that supposedly makes her body more durable for Life Fibers.

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The two sides offer differing views on how humans came to be and the purpose of Life Fibers. Satsuki was taken to the mother of all Life Fibers, a just orb that’s constantly making new clothes. If you were to listen to Aikuro, he would tell you that the mother is an alien. They both say that humans are the only beings on earth to wear clothes. Aikuro views this as the worst thing imaginable whereas Satsuki’s mom believes the opposite. Human desire is to hide their shame of nakedness by wearing clothes. I was sure she was going to make a reference to Adam and Eve hiding their nakedness with clothes, but she stopped short.

Isshin worked for COVERs, the Kiryuin clothes empire of the world until he learned the secret behind Life Fibers. He quit and started a competing company whose sole goal was to end COVERs, which he called Nudist Beach. Going with Aikuro’s alien theory about Life Fibers, he said they came from outer space to inhabit life forms to gain power, but the animals they inhabited died. Then the Life Fibers changed plans and remained on the exterior of the animal like clothes. Yes the power source was weaker this way, but the host didn’t die. He believes that Life Fibers latched onto humans and made them the dominate beings on earth.

Satsuki’s mom’s plans are revealed yet, but it’s clear that everyone on the planet is wearing some type of COVERs clothing whether that be a simple, modest dress, underwear, shoes, a hat, mittens. Everyone is wearing something with Life Fiber, but the Life Fibers are dormant right now, waiting for the opportune moment to activate. Nudist Beach feels that this could happen any day and their only hope to fight against COVERs is Matoi and Senketsu.

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Matoi is a unique girl. Her dad found out that she has a high tolerance against Life Fibers and this tolerance enables her to wear Senketsu without adverse effects like her body breaking down and dying or being controlled by Senketsu. We know that Isshin made Senketsu specifically for his daughter to wear and know we know why. The secret behind the scissors is still unknown at this point.

Senketsu was having a midlife crisis after listening to Aikuro. First his mind was reeling from the possibility that he’s an alien, that he’s damaging Matoi by being worn; he wonders if the reason why he loves her blood so much has to do with her tolerance. He is in panic mode and can’t hear Matoi telling him to calm down. Matoi listened to Aikuro and for a time was silently thinking about it. She came to the conclusion that he wants her and Senketsu to stop COVERs, but to hell with that, she yelled and stripped. With her underwear exposed, she threw Senketsu on the chair she was sitting on. Tsumugu is ready to kill Senketsu now if she refuses to wear him, but he’ll have to go through Matoi to get to Senketsu.

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