Nagi no Asukara Episode 17 – Sayu’s Sickness of Love


English: Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea

Synonyms: Nagi no Asu Kara

Japanese: 凪のあすから

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Hikari learned about Kaname’s awakening moments after he (Kaname) approached the cafe guy and asked what year it was. Akari took Miuna and Hikari to see Kaname at the fishery where he’s being questioned by the scientist regarding Shioshishio. You can imagine the look of sheer joy on Hikari’s and Kaname’s faces when they saw each other. Chisaki arrived a minute or two after Hikari with Tsumugu. Kaname was shocked to see them together, but he recovered quickly as he always does. He is a smooth character.

The cracking sound like sand rubbing against broken glass that Miuna heard when she fell into the ocean in the previous episode was also heard by Kaname right after he woke up. Akari was naturally very worried about Miuna when she heard that she fell into the ocean, but they told Akari that Miuna can swim now and that she has an Ena. This happened later in the episode, but the scientist and Tsumugu ran some checks on Miuna’s skin and found out that she really has an Ena, though still not quite fully matured.

Sayu learned from Miuna that Kaname woke up. She is having a hard time dealing with this because she’s decided already that she will remain a single woman her whole life, but now she isn’t so sure of that and the bottom line is that she is just happy he’s back. The girls talk about their loves on the school building and both promise to do their best in their love lives. One day after school Sayu was alone and trying to get a seagull to come to her when she heard Sayama and Kaname behind her. Sayama left and Sayu saw him for the first time in five years and he doesn’t remember her. Sayu ran away from him, using Chisaki as a distraction.

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Kaname was surprised that Chisaki was living with Tsumugu, but he half-expected to see it after they arrived at the fishery together. He could feel something between them like a very strong bond that no one can penetrate. He noticed it first when they made tea for him; they seemed to be of one mind, doing things in perfect unison without talking. It had to be really hard for him to watch considering he still has feelings for her. He told her that he prefers older women, so it doesn’t look like he’s going to stop pursuing after her anytime soon.

Sayu was depressed after finding out Kaname doesn’t recognize her. I wonder if she thinks he doesn’t remember her, which totally isn’t the case. He instantly recognized her seconds after she ran away from him when he was distracted by Chisaki. After school Sayu went to the broken building that these girls always seem to go to when they’re depressed. Miuna found her there quite easily, but she wasn’t looking for Sayu at the time. She was depressed of her own accord after overhearing Hikari talk about Manaka with Kaname at school. Kaname still isn’t going to school, but he turned up one day to think about it.

Sayu wonders if she is sick or broken or something else along those lines. She says it’s pathetic for a childish love to blossom. She might even get together with someone she doesn’t even love to stave off the loneliness, she said. This is a really depressing conversation coming from a 14 year old. Miuna isn’t going to give up on her childish love for Hikari, she told Sayu proudly. She will continue chasing after Hikari even if Manaka comes back and they start dating. Miuna does have the damaging fact she is Hikari’s niece going against her.

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Sayu found the seagull from yesterday on her way home after talking to Miuna about their loves when Kaname called out to her from behind. She was taken by sheer surprise. Her heart wasn’t prepared to run into him again, not after she decided to stop loving him. She loved the way he patted her on the head. After calling her name that is exactly what Kaname did, but then he apologized because they’re the same age now. Sayu looked to be too happy, too embarrassed, too scared to say anything or do anything.

Tsumugu and the scientist found a secret current using the discovering the cracking sound Kaname and Miuna heard. They believe this current is the secret to getting into Shioshishio. The problem Kaname doesn’t remember the sound clearly, but Miuna does. Everyone was trying to talk her out of going back into the ocean, except Hikai. I doubt he has Miuna’s best interests in mind right now because if he does now and not later, he can find out what happened to his dad and of course to Manaka. In the end though Kaname, Miuna, and Hikari slipped into the ocean, guided by the scientist’s and Tsumugu’s logic to find Shioshishio.

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