Silver Spoon S2 Episode 04 – Hachiken Held On

[Commie] Silver Spoon 2 - 04 [4F8583A9].mkv_snapshot_15.07_[2014.01.31_07.45.48]

English: Silver Spoon

Japanese: 銀の匙

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The whole episode takes place at an official horse jumping competition. Hachiken doesn’t look or feel good wearing the proper uniform; it looks like he’s being eaten by his clothes. Mikage is nervous. She has a bad track record at competitions; she allows her nerves to get the better of her, which affects her jumping. But in practice she is amazing, the equestrian club’s star ace rider.

As they were waiting for the competition to get under way, a girl whom Mikage knows approached her and Hachiken while riding a horse. She had a rich look about her; her hair was curled in that snooty anime way. She has the Laugh of Annoyance mastered. Her name is Ayame Minamikujou and she is something of a childhood friend of Mikage’s; she comes from the same area, the same elementary school. She applied for Yezo Agricultural High School, but couldn’t make it. She appears to have a spoiled personality, but in truth she’s quite honest and loyal, if a bit dumb.

Ayame told Hachiken that she will remember his name after he told her, but she couldn’t recall his name seconds after hearing it. This running joke would go on for the rest of the episode until finally she stood up with a microphone and called both him and Mikage out; sadly for Hachiken, she remembered his name just in time for it to have the biggest affect on his embarrassment.

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Ayame was in the beginner course of the competition. She sat on her horse with grace and with confidence allowed her horse to run the course by itself as she waved to her adoring (she believes) fans. She was the first to try the course to have zero penalties, but she was disqualified because she didn’t complete it in time. Next up were some club members and everyone was getting penalized left and right. And then it was Hachiken’s turn to go.

He was a nervous wreck from the get-go. Everyone’s eyes was upon him and he has a tendency to panic in these situations. It was coming down to, in his mind, how he could make himself stand out and look cool. He didn’t have to, it wasn’t like he wanted to impress Mikage. He just didn’t want to look like a complete loser. His horse partner was Maron. As Hachiken took to the field he figured out what he should do as he raised the whip. Maron and Mikage both thought that he was going to Maron a good whack when suddenly there was a crack as Hachiken whipped his own leg. He remembered that it isn’t about him, it’s about the horses. He told Maron to just go and he will trust him.

Maron was energized by Hachiken’s resolve and took out down the course like a rocket. He was by far the fastest horse to attempt the course thus far and he jumped the hurdles like a deer running through the forest. Hachiken had just one job to do and that was to focus on Maron so that he can position his body in the right way for each jump and landing and running sections. Toward the end of his run, he saw his brother (Shingo) in the audience watching him. His focus broke suddenly and he fought to get it back over the next few seconds.

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While his focus was lost, his right foot slipped out of the strap and was dangling somewhere against Maron’s midsection. One more jump happened and this jump threw Hachiken from his back. But he did not fall down. Maron was speeding up; the ending was in sight. Everyone was yelling at Hachiken to hold on for dear life because if he crosses the finish line like this, it still counts. Maron seemed to know this and wanted Hachiken to win. As they came to the finish line, Hachiken fell. While the officials checked to see if he fell before or after the finish line, a senior told Hachiken to be careful next time when he falls to let go of the reins so that he doesn’t get dragged by the horse.

It was decided that Hachiken passed and his time was said with zero penalties. He got third place after running the course. And then a few more riders in the beginner course went. One person beat Hachiken’s time, bumping him down to fourth place. As he washed the dirt from his face which he got from the fall, his entire body was shaking with frustration that he only got fourth place. But then he changed his thinking just a little and realized he’s the only one from their club that got this high in the rankings. He got fourth out of 28 riders.

Mikage went with Maron on her run and it was clear Maron preferred her over Hachiken everyday of the week. He looked down on Hachiken as if he was a maggot at the same time nuzzling against Mikage affectionately. Mikage got second overall for her division. Shingo went to see Hachiken after his run to congratulate him. He complimented him by saying that he is more manly now. Hachiken is so manly now that he broke Shingo’s cell phone after seeing a picture of him holding onto Maron from his run today. Shingo was going to send the picture to their parents when this happened.

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