Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren Episode 04 – Her Original Master


Synonyms: Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! 2, Chu-2 Byo demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren

Japanese: 中二病でも恋がしたい!戀

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Nibutani has a dream. I can half picture her standing in front of the school and delivering Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous speech to the masses. Her dream is simple, yet impossible to achieve as long as Sanae is hellbent on tormenting her. Her dream is to become the student council president. Funnily Makoto’s also running for president and somehow he turned into this twisted kid with a real demon lord mentality going on. I miss him; he was good comedic relief.

Nibutani begged Yuuta to do something about Sanae like asking Rikka to tell her to back off while the election is going on. Yuuta doesn’t feel compelled at all to help her even if she helped him get him together with Rikka in the first place. He never asked her to, he stated. She has an image in her mind of herself that she’s this perfect student that always helps her classmates when they forget their homework. She believes she is both reliable and really easy to talk to, which is probably true, but Yuuta was forced to tell her the truth.

Nibutani has a few rumors concerning a certain freshman that she attacked or is attacked by while wearing silly costumes that make people think she is a weirdo. That certain freshman attacked Nibutani as she was talking to Yuuta just now. Sanae added a new trick to her ponytail weapon, a secret chord that wrapped around Nibutani’s neck dangerously like a noose. After it wrapped around her neck, Sanae gave a tug and the two girls bumped foreheads.

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Sanae ended up in the nurse’s office while Nibutani begged yuuta to help her, and if he doesn’t she will spread a new part of his chuunibyou to the whole school. She wouldn’t have needed to blackmail him if he felt more gratitude to her for being the catalyst for his relationship with Rikka. He hated doing it, but he appeared in the clubroom with his Dark Flame Master costume on, ready to delve into their fantasy battles.

Partway through the fantasy battle Sanae disappeared. Yuuta was trying to distract her because Nibutani was going to the freshmen classrooms after school to announce her candidacy. I loved how Rikka told him not to move because she requires precision for her attack. Her attack was simply to stab him in the face with her umbrella. Meanwhile Sanae was tormenting Nibutani out of sight when Nibutani visited her classroom. She was sitting at the teacher’s podium out of sight and drawing on Nibutani’s knee, tickling her feet, pinching her shins and being a general pain in the rear. It is fair to say Nibutani got her revenge during and after her announcement.

Rarely has Nibutani put Sanae through such pain as when after school at a fast food restaurant, she had Sanae in a very painful submission hold. Rikka was amazing here too when she pulled a tomato slice out of her hamburger, looked at Yuuta, and said, “that was close.” Sophia appeared and hugged Yuuta from behind, causing Rikka to look on with jealousy and embarrassment. Yuuta shook her off and thus he kept his promise to Rikka which he had made at the end of the previous episode.

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It turns out Sophia and Nibutani know each other. After transferring away from Yuuta’s school, she went to Nibutani’s school when she was still at the height of her Mori Summer persona. She must be over a thousand years old now, Sophia stated. This scene wouldn’t have been important if Sophia didn’t have a picture of her and Nibutani back in middle school. Sanae and Rikka stared at the picture trying to decipher if Nibutani really is Mori Summer or not. Sanae then noticed a certain bracelet Nibutani was wearing is the exact same one she saw on Mori Summer’s website and realized all along that Nibutani is her other master, Mori Summer.

Sanae is very sincere and kindhearted. Nibutani’s finding that out after Sanae began to believe that she really is Mori Summer. Sanae might have good intentions, but she’s driving Nibutani up a wall in a different way; she comes to say hi at every break between every class, at every moment she can she will approach Nibutani with a smile and energy just bubbling off of her. It’s too much for anyone to carry. And if Nibutani tells her to stop coming every break, Sanae will start crying. Talk about extreme emotional reactions.

Nibutani’s finding out that Sanae is really useful for her election campaign. Sanae is the top student of the freshmen, she is loved by everyone and influential; Sanae is like the queen of the freshmen. If she says for them to do something, they will follow her like sheep. Let it be known that Nibutani isn’t taking advantage of Sanae, she’s doing all of this of her own accord like baking cookies that look exactly like Nibutani in her Mori Summer costume or helping out with the campaign. Nibutani is just as happy if Sanae stopped helping, though she is sure to win at this rate.

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I feel bad for Rikka on the side though. She is used to do things with Sanae, but now she’s all alone. Luckily she has Yuuta there by her side as someone willing to suffer her fantasies to bring a smile to her face. He went along with her quest to summon the Doom Tree at night and the Doom Tree ended up summoning Sophia, much to Rikka’s indignation.

Nibutani let her guard down for a moment and put on her Mori Summer costume for Sanae’s sake. Sanae took a picture with her cell phone and then ran to her original master crying as the floodgates of her emotions were loosed. My heart went out to her and I want more episodes like this, with these two. Best episode so far of the season. But when Sanae was going to deliver her recommendation speech to the entire school so that Nibutani would win the election, Sanae thought it was okay to read from the Mabinogion.

Nibutani lost the election as a result of rolling around on the floor in the auditorium. Sanae went back to her other master, Rikka who took her back with open arms. Kumin said it best as she and Yuuta watched Nibutani and Sanae fight over warm milk, this is best.

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