Log Horizon Episode 18 – What is a Princess?


Japanese: ログ・ホライズン

You can watch this series here: http://www.crunchyroll.com/log-horizon

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Lenessia took her first steps in Akihabara and the sight of Adventurers so freely going about their business was overwhelming. Everything you could possibly imagine in a market with people enjoying themselves happened including fire-breathing magic. Shiroe, Akatsuki, and Krusty went through the marketplace without turning to the left or to the right because they’re used to this sight, but Lenessia was staggering behind at least by three feet trying to catch up and absorb everything she saw. Krusty left the group to go back to his guild for a moment and left Lenessia in the hands of Shiroe and Akatsuki. Now that it’s come down to this, they finally introduce themselves to each other.

Shiroe took Lenessia to see Characin of the Round Table in a warehouse with clothes and armor. Shiroe planned from the start that Lenessia will wear a more attractive outfit than what she’s wearing, but he knows that she’ll never agree to changing clothes unless she has to. And that is where the super messy and tasty Crescent Burgers come into play. A few notable players in the guilds brought them to the warehouse. They were excited to see a real princess; children were gathering around her and watching with joy how she ate like a princess and talked like a princess and was beautiful like a princess. But the princess wasn’t aware out messy her food would be and got the sauce on her lovely dress.

Shiroe had Akatsuki put a valkyrie outfit on Lenessia after she ruined her dress. Shiroe asked specifically one that painstakingly made a showing of her breasts which had a layer of armor upon her bosom and her legs where her thighs were exposed and her skirt was short, and yet of a modest color. She was also given a weapon designed for beginners that had the look of power, like something a king would carry. She was in effect all show and no strength concerning her armor and weapon.

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The same people Shiroe had bring the Crescent Burgers he asked them  to bring the Adventurers down to the marketplace in the early morning because he has an important announcement to make. Krusty, Lenessia, and he with Akatsuki somewhere hidden stood on a stage with at least a hundred Adventurers staring up at them. Shiroe wasted no time in explaining why he called them here and told them about the Goblin Army and the threat it poses to Eastal, but he made sure to mention that the goblins pose no threat to Akihabara since they are tens of thousands of extremely strong Adventurers living here.

Lenessia saw as each Adventurer took out a map and began talking about tactics with their friends in small group of three or four. She realized then how weak and pathetic her people really are. Nobles and Strategists and Military Commanders are the only people among the People of the Land that can talk strategy, that can look at a map and discern its secrets. She wondered if the weakest and stupidest among the Adventurers is stronger and more intelligent than everyone considered smart from where she’s from. The thought staggered her and she felt like a bug standing on that stage.

Shiroe then had Lenessia speak. I don’t think he told her about this from the sheer look of terror on her face when everyone turned to look at her expectantly. As she went forward Shiroe and Krusty stood on either side of her as people cast light on her with magic. I won’t go into everything she said, most of it was said already in previous episode just retold again for the Adventurers’ sakes. She told them how Eastal tried getting them to be their guards, protecting them from every threat, how the Knights of Izumo are gone. She brought everyone up to gist and then asked them for help against the goblins, saying even that she can’t pay them for their effort or freedom.

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She didn’t need to say anything grand. The fact that she is a beautiful princess was more than enough to get the Adventurers to pledge their power to save Eastal. I also bet that they’re bored and were just looking for something fun to do that wasn’t already done a hundred times by now. It was a success and Lenessia was beginning already to regret standing in front of the people and making this grand speech wearing these clothes. She knows she was simply caught up in the moment and lost her head. Shiroe announced he will be their strategist and Krusty said he will be the commander leading the forces.

Michitaka and Henrietta were summoned to a meeting with Lord Sergiatte after everything was decided. It was just the three of them in the meeting room. He came forward and apologized for insulting the adventurers by trying to give them noble titles. He learned that Akihabara is structured with a strong foundation and that their army is no less than Eastal’s army (and by a good deal stronger). It is small at first, but these three are able to drop pretense and hiding their intentions while trying to make a deal. For now Sergiatte and Michitaka agree to become trading partners if and when the war is finished. Sergiatte came to them because of rumors among the other lords that because Lenessia did these things that they have a secret pact with Akihabara, but that’s simply not true.Michitaka and Henrietta can’t say or agree to more without Shiroe and Krusty present as well and Sergiatte understood.

Ocypete is the name of a steamboat Michitaka invented. Krusty and a number of Adventurers are taking the steamboat to arrive in Narashima port quickly to start the attack. They need all speed now and the steamboat will help transport more forces to the fight as the war wages. Shiroe went with twelve thousand forces to an equestrian park where he’ll make the Strategy HQ. It’s not sure yet if these twelve thousand will continue across the land to fight against the goblins, but it’s safe to say at this point they can’t all use Ocypete, since it can only hold roughly 100 occupants at a time.

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Krusty is aboard Ocypete and as he was giving orders to the force to fall into four groups of twenty-four legion groups, Lenessia was told not to do anything stupid and that she’ll have her own guard of twelve adventurers keeping her safe. As Krusty finished making the legion parties, he announced that they’ll arrive shortly and after arriving they have a march to meet the goblins in battle. He said with an eye that looked utterly dark and evil not to leave a single goblin alive.

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