Nisekoi Episode 04 – Study Group at Ichijou’s


Synonyms: Nisekoi: False Love

Japanese: ニセコイ

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Chitoge is positively glowing now that she has friends she can talk with and go to school with: she is like the sun radiating joy so early in the morning. She has a very cute side to her and a lovely smile that Ichijou is finally taking notice of, because he’s always calling her a gorilla he doesn’t notice anything that he doesn’t want to see. It is good that Chitoge still reserves a cruel smile just for him whenever she catches him looking at her and during these times he can’t help but feel that she’s not cute at all. Their relationship is stunted because of their open hostility toward one another; yet in this episode they come closer to being a real couple than ever before, even on their date.

Onodera knows that they’re not actually dating, but she hasn’t told anyone. Ruri is her best friend and she is a shrewd woman with a tempered personality. She knows Onodera has feelings for Ichijou and that he likewise has feeling for Onodera and to be honest, this is starting to get on her nerves. She’s like: “Why won’t they just get together already!” Ruri has a worrisome personality because she openly told Onodera to go after Ichijou because there is no crime or law against going after a man who’s in a relationship and his heart is stolen by another woman. Onodera had to agree that there’s no law concerning this (there used to be a law against adultery in most places in the world that was punishable by death; oh how the times get worse daily).

Ruri has a plan to get Ichijou and Onodera together and it all begins by asking Ichijou if they can come over to his house after school today for a study group. He said yes immediately, thanking God in his heart for any chance to be in the same room as Onodera. He sees this as his chance to get to know her better, but there is a flaw to the best laid plans. Shuu and Chitoge join them at Ichijou’s house. Ruri understands why Chitoge’s there, but Shuu is a nuisance that needs to be squished. This is how she feels about him and her feelings for him don’t change necessarily for the better or worse, but it’s more like she gets used to his presence and antics.

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Chitoge is jumping for joy and the reason is simple: she’s never been to a friend’s house before for a study group. I don’t think she’s ever been to a friend’s house for anything before if you think about her past. They arrive in Ichijou’s room and the first thing that should be mentioned was Chitoge’s comment, saying that the room has this funny smell. I’ll let you decide what that smell could be, but Ichijou yelled at her that there isn’t smell like that. Onodera whiffed the air and blushed because everywhere around her was the scent of her secret love.

They then sat down to work on their homework and this is where things really start to go down hill. Onodera asked Ruri if she can help her with a problem, but Ruri said she can’t and told her to ask Ichijou. They were both very conscience of each others’ body just inches away. Ichijou was having a guy moment; guys you know what that means and girls you probably have an idea of what that means. The problem was hard, but surprisingly it was Chitoge that pushed Ichijou out of the way with the answer to Onodera’s question. Chitoge is insanely smart and already finished her homework. Ichijou gave her a look of death for pushing him out of the way, but she grinned mischievously back at him, almost as though she realized he has feelings for Onodera.

Chitoge asked Onodera if there was anyone she liked. Now there are two people in the room that knows exactly how she feels about Ichijou (Ruri and Shuu). Ichijou was leaning over as if his ear could extend the length of the table to listen in on their conversation. She said that she doesn’t have anyone that she liked and it was like a chorus of angels began singing in his heart. Chitoge almost ruined everything by saying she doesn’t have anyone like that either and how she wishes she could find romance. Ichijou and she managed to play it off as a joke, but then Shuu had to ask if they kissed yet. That put everyone on the spot; Ichijou, Chitoge, and Onodera were blushing fiercely. Ichijou took his best friend roughly and practically dragged him out of the room.

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Outside Ichijou told him how he’s in a fake relationship with Chitoge and Shuu already knew. He knew from the beginning when it was announced in the classroom. He said those things just now because it was funny. After they returned Ichijou and Chitoge were asked by the kind yakuza of the house to get some tea from the storehouse out back. These guys are so happy that Ichijou has finally brought his girlfriend home, but they’re sad because he also brought other friends home too. They feel there isn’t enough romance in the air so they created a scene where Chitoge and Ichijou are both locked in the storehouse out back in hopes that their love points will increase. What they don’t realize is that Chitoge is claustrophobic after she got herself stuck in a dryer for four hours…

While she clung to his back, threatening him that if he looked at her that she will punch him (she punches him when he doesn’t look at her), Ichijou noticed the tears in her eyes, her long eyelashes, her lush and supple lips, her pale skin, the way her breasts are pushed against his back, and the way she’s trembling and thought that she was very beautiful. All it took was to see her in a girlish situation for him to realize this, a simple fact everyone already knew. They could easily escape through a window because there’s a ladder in the storehouse, but when Chitoge asked him to escape and get help, he refused and said that he can’t leave a girl alone when she’s this scared. She realized that he has a good side to him and that he’s somewhat cool.

They get into a fight over kissing and how romantic it is to kiss on the lips as opposed to kissing on the cheek, which Chitoge’s done all the time overseas. Neither have kissed romantically and their pride refuses to admit it. And then they began talking about Onodera and for once they’re both in agreement. Onodera is the perfect example of a girl; she is lovely, fair-skinned, meek and mild with a great, caring personality. Chitoge wishes that she could be just like her. Ichijou might have said too much; anyone else would realize that he’s madly in love with her, but Chitoge has the disease many main character guys suffer: an illness of stupidity.

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Chitoge is no longer scared of the darkness after having the fight and talking about Onodera. She tells him to climb through the window now, but somehow as they both stood up Chitoge tripped and fell on him. To anyone it would look like they’re in the middle of a passionate scene and it’s a scene like this that Claude finds them in. He ripped the doors open and saw them there. He took out his gun and directed it at Ichijou. Onodera also saw them in that position, blushed, and ran away home.

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