Happiness Charge Precure! 01 – Birth of Cure Lovely


Japanese: ハピネスチャージプリキュア!

Megumi Aino is the main character of the new Precure series. Her Precure persona is called Cure Lovely, which is a play on her name somewhat with the ‘Ai’ from Aina meaning love. She has a rather forward disposition and an honest personality. The thing that I like about her most is that she’s willing to get dirty to help other people without them needing to ask her for help, and I don’t think you’ll ever find her complaining when someone asks her for help. We need more of these people in the world today.Whatever happened to ‘Love you neighbor’ or ‘treat other people the way you want to be treated’?  It’s always me, me, selfish, mine, why aren’t you thinking of me thinking. At least in America it is like that so when I see a character like Megumi, I am grateful.

Hime Shirayuki is perhaps the worst example of a Precure in history. She is one of the senior Precure of the new show and she’s always getting into fights, but the thing is she never wins any of them. She always runs away from her foes and when she does try to fight them, the enemy which are called “Terribads” knock her special attacks out of their way like her attacks are bubbles. Hime’s Precure name is Cure Princess and this also is a play on her name, Hime being translated Princess in the Japanese. Ribbon is a fairy mascot of both Hime and Megumi and is Hime’s mentor. How this works I don’t know exactly, I’m sure we’ll learn more as the show progresses.

Blue is a spiritual being of Earth who endows the heroines with the power of Pretty Cure that takes the form of a man with blue hair, blue eyes, and I believe a bluish tongue and clothes. After Hime fails yet again to defeat the Terribad in the opening sequence of the episode, he decided to give her a certain jewel called the Crystal of Love. He also gave her a short speech how she needs a friend and a partner to help her fight. The Crystal of Love will pinpoint the perfect person to be her partner. Hime transformed into her Cure Princess form and threw the jewel from a tall spire somewhere in the city. The jewel hit Megumi in the head, like as pull of a magnet.

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The Terribads are a strange entity. The secret behind their power is yet unknown, but we do find out that they are created by taking the joyous, most happiest feelings a person is feeling and turns that into negativity. A person is then caught hold of and placed in this mock coffin-looking thing where their life force is being sucked away and transferred into a new Terribad. The Terribads always take the shape and form of the person’s feelings. This was obvious from how Mao, a young girl that Megumi helped in the park she was in, was taken and a new Terribad took on a form of a young girl with a hat. The hat is important because that was the reason why she was so happy: Megumi compliment her new hat, saying that she looks way cuter with it on.

The existence of Precures and Terribads isn’t a secret. The whole world seems to know about them and their battle, but the Precures human personas appear to be secret nonetheless. Evidence of their battle is all over the city in the form of… ice cream? The Terribads are winning the fight because Cure Princess continues to lose every battle she engages in. It is only thanks to the power of another Precure, Cure Fortune, that the city isn’t destroyed. Megumi loves Precures; she wants to meet one, she wants to be one, she wants to see one if nothing else.

Hime transformed back into her human form and followed Megumi around town after hitting her with the Crystal of Love. She is — how do you say it? scared? shy? — not very good talking to people she isn’t familiar with. It had to take Ribbon pushing her from behind, causing her to trip in Megumi’s path, for the two girls to meet. They share one thing in common and that one thing just so happened to be the one thing that Hime will talk to anyone about and that one thing is fashion. Megumi wears plain, comfortable, and easy to move in clothes because she doesn’t think that she would look good in a dress like Hime does, so she figures she might as well be comfortable. Hime launched into a frenzy about fashion and how every girl can look amazing with the right clothes.

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While they were talking, Namakeruda (a general of the evil Mirage Queen and he is part of the Phantom Kingdom) captured Mao and turned her energy into a Terribad. Hime cut their conversation short and transformed into Cure Princess in front of Megumi. She fought against the new Terribad, running away is her specialty. She stopped running and attacked the Terribad, but her attack was knocked away with pathetic ease. As the Terribad was approaching Hime, who sat frozen on the ground shaking in terror, Megumi ran and stood her ground between Cure Princess and the Terribad.

Megumi was shaking like a rat caught in a corner by a cat and Namakeruda was quick to notice this. Cure Princess also saw how she was shaking from fear and Megumi openly admitted that the Terribad was terrifying. Then the Crystal of Love began to emit a strange light. The Crystal of Love turned into Precure tools of transformation. Megumi transformed into Cure Lovely after watching how Hime transformed into Cure Princess. The process was simple as they always tend to be. She went full on fangirl on herself after transforming into Cure Lovely; it was a dream come true. The episode ends shortly after this, after we see that Cure Lovely has insane strength, power enough to away the Terribad in a contest of strength.

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