Buddy Complex Song 05 – Dio’s Guilt


Japanese: バディ・コンプレックス

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Second Lieutenant Ogisaka and Mayuka were given a special order to put Aoba through the new recruit training that every new recruit must go through. The training is really just the senior members onboard the Cygnus asserting their authority by having the new recruit clean the entire airship by him- or herself. Aoba put his foot down only twice: The first came when he was asked to help Conrad with his urinal bottle. I love how Mayuka was blushing from behind a curtain, facing away from the three of them. The second time Aoba put his foot down and refused to clean was when Mayuka and Ogisaka left him to clean the outside while they went back inside to work on a special project.

As hardy as his work ethic might be, Aoba just isn’t going to clean the whole airship by himself. He sat down and grumbled until he saw Fiona, Dio’s little sister, and her guardian trying to come onboard the Cygnus. Now Aoba was already curious about Dio’s family from the way his dad scolded him at the end of the previous episode. The guards stationed outside barred them from coming in. Aoba went down to talk with them and there learned why Dio’s dad is so harsh with his son and why Fiona is crippled.

During an attack by Zogillia forces, Dio was already a soldier at this time and it was his job to protect the city where his family lived. He thought this was his purpose being a soldier and it’s a righteous purpose, but his squadron was ordered to evacuate and he yelled backward as the city was glowing with fire in the dark night. They were outnumbered and outgunned; any sensible general would retreat. Dio lost his mom in the attack and Fiona lost the function in her legs. Dio’s dad blames Dio for what happened to his family and Dio is racked with guilt daily, but Fiona doesn’t blame him. She is the sole voice of reason trying to reach out to him so that he can finally forgive himself.

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Aoba concocted a plan to get Fiona and her guardian passed the guards, which he acted out by pretending to be in pain while they slipped by. Aoba didn’t know where Dio was, so he took them both to the bridge. Showers of confetti rained down upon the three of them as it was finally revealed that they were holding a surprise party for Aoba for joining the Cygnus. Fiona felt at ease when she saw the kind of people surrounding Dio everyday. Dio wasn’t there, he was in the training room. They called him on the video conference to tell him that his sister is here to talk to him, but as soon as they called him an emergency transmission was picked up.

Zogillia was planning this attack since before the episode began, but after the previous episode. Hina was until now locked in prison on suspicion that she turned traitor; she was released after Alfried spoke to the officers on her behalf. They let her go, but their suspicion of her didn’t lessen. The only thing that could annul this belief is if Hina captures one of the new Valiancer types that the alliance is using to win their battles. The purpose behind their attack is not this, but to capture Chitose Base and neutralize it.

Their attack was perfect. Cygnus would have stayed out of it if the commanding general of the alliance didn’t order them to save Chitose Base, believing that because they have the new Valiancer Coupling Mecha, they should put it to use. Let me just say now that there’s no way they could have won this fight, even if they used the new Coupling System. Zogillia came here to dominate the battlefield and they flooded the whole area with Valiancers and large airships capable of shooting Nectar energy beams.

Before Dio and Aoba launched their Valiancers, Fiona would not leave the Cygnus until she told her brother what she came here to say. Aoba was acting like Dio and his concern for Fiona was immeasurable; only Dio cared more about her. She told Dio that it doesn’t matter who blames him for what happened that he should know it isn’t his fault that she will always forgive him. After they launched Hina saw Aoba’s Valiancer and went to fight with him immediately. He didn’t attack her back, which made her believe that he’s taking her for a fool.

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Suddenly while they were fighting the main Zogillia forces, another large group of enemy Valiancers appeared behind the Cygnus and they were led by their ace pilot, Alfried. And then another ambush took place on the other side of the Cygnus, pincering them behind these forces and an airship firing Nectar energy beams at them. They had no choice except to escape. Fiona already made her way back to her family’s airship. Zogillia aren’t going to attack the private plane or take them captive; this force isn’t like the lowlife squad from the previous episode.

To escape, the Cygnus used a new ability of the Coupling System. Aoba and Dio could only do this move for thirty seconds before their Coupling energy dies down. It was like they glued themselves together in front of the Cygnus. The enemy laughed mocking at them until Dio’s and Aoba’s Valiancers repelled every attack from normal gun fire to the large Nectar energy beams. As soon as the thirty seconds were finished, the Cygnus fired their own Nectar energy beam at the enemy as Dio and Aoba dove out of the way. It looked for a moment that they were going to crash into the enemy airship when the Cygnus fired on the water, creating a mist that they used to escape with. Chitose Base successfully fell into the hands of Zogillia.

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