Magi Kingdom of Magic Episode 18 – The Faces of War


English: Magi: The Kingdom of Magic

Synonyms: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic 2

Japanese: マギ The kingdom of magic

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Reim and Magnostadt went to war against each other. Reim’s Scheherazade said that for the crimes of the dark magic vessels and for kidnapping Titus, she will go to war against them. Magnostadt, led by Mogamett, claim a defensive war. Titus said somewhere in the front lines that he wasn’t kidnapped, but his words were not heard by Scheherazade. Reim’s army looks like they were taken from the legions of the Roman Empire and thrust into this magical world. The soldiers were stopped by a great barrier that Mogamett boasted as being impenetrable as long as there is magoi flowing into it. He has himself and a select four or five other magicians keeping the barrier up.

I find myself liking Scheherazade more and more each episode. She replaced Morgiana as my favorite girl in the series and she’s only behind Aladdin overall for favorite character. After her would he Alibaba. I just love the way she behaves herself, the way she talks to Mogamett while still reaching out a helping hand until it becomes clear that his heart is black as coal. But the thing that I like about her the most is her trust in normal people to create a path to the future for themselves, unlike Mogamett who sees goi as nothing more than mere pawns to siphon magoi from. It’s clear why she has the love and adoration of everyone in the Reim Empire because she set the example by trusting in them and allowing them to test their limits.

I don’t know why Magnostadt even bothers to have goi employed in their army. All they do is whine and complain to the magicians to save them. I don’t know if they know how to wield a weapon in the first place. Such worthlessness is their being on the battlefield that I liken it to a small child going to fight against a club-wielding giant. The magicians are more than enough to handle Reim’s soldiers because each first class magician has the power of a whole legion of Reim’s soldiers. Plus they’re using Black Rukh and dark vessels and magical tools to give each one amazing power. At one point the magicians made it rain acid on the battlefield. It is a massacre.

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Ignatius Alexius and Nerva Julius Caluades are two of the three King Candidates of the Reim Empire, since they both went into and cleared a dungeon. Scheherazade has these ready to be called into the war at any time, but she held them back. Her trust is in the people of the Reim Empire and not in tools and vessels bestowed upon certain people that clear dungeons. It is the normal people of Reim that easily destroy Mogamett’s impenetrable barrier. They invented the bomb: even in its primitive state Scheherazade said that each one has the full power of Extreme Magic the moment they explode. They made hundreds of these bombs and dropped them down from above in makeshift air balloon and threw them at the barrier with catapults. The barrier didn’t stand a chance.

After the barrier fell Reim’s soldiers stepped forward with their spears raised. They had Magnostadt’s army, both magical and normal, surrounded. But Mogamett is not one to be mocked. Magnostadt was inventing their own war machines. There appeared in a forest away from the battle what looked like a large, black demon with a purple and pink crystal rod coming out of its face. That rod shone bright and then fired a blast that when it erupted had the force of one of our modern weapons of mass destruction. But the blast wasn’t meant to kill, but to torture. One soldier hit by the blast had his entire body hardened like stone and black as a panther. He was writhing on the ground and talking.

Magicians that were injured in the war were transported back to the Academy where Sphintus Aladdin were along with other healing magicians. These magicians really believe in the cause of a magic country. Their hearts are seemingly innocent of Mogamett’s dark design, but are like fools walking off a cliff because someone ordered them to. Sphintus left Aladdin and the injured magicians to go fight in the war beside Titus — he never made it to where Titus is in this episode. Aladdin is more concerned about Mogamett’s power source than he is about the war going on all around him. He feels a greater threat coming from this power, knowing that if it is unleashed that everyone will die.

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Aladdin was flying through the air toward the war. He was wavering and wondering if he should fight against Reim also when he saw the giant demon weapon. Instantly it his heart hardened against Mogamett. He knew down in the 5th District people were dying by the thousands to power this magical machine. Aladdin after seeing this destroyed the pipelines flowing magoi from the 5th District into the machine before flying by to where Titus was fighting Reim’s third King Candidate, Alexius. Titus lost, but neither side was injured.

Titus lost through the words Alexius told him. Aladdin arrived on the scene as the other Fanalis finished destroying Magnostadt’s army. Aladdin helped Titus back to his feet metaphorically by appealing to his weakened emotional state. One Fanalis asked Aladdin why he is here and he answered that he needs their help to end the war. He said this as he was peeling back the sleeves on his robe to expose the bandages covering his crystal that declares him a Magi.

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