Noragami 05 – A Dead Loli


Japanese: ノラガミ

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If you would talk to Yato about theology for even a little while, he might make you believe that sin is a man’s invention, that gods never sin, and the bondage of sin is for man and against man. I know what the Bible says about sin and that’s all I need to know; I don’t need to watch Yato and to an extent Yuki steal in front of my eyes, drink alcohol, have dirty and perverted thoughts, and who knows what else they do off screen to know they are sinning. I don’t need to be told some lie that gods in this series aren’t bound by the law of sin and therefore aren’t punished. It’s plain as snow is white that they both stole something in this episode. Don’t tell me they don’t sin; I’d slap the stupid right out of Yato if I saw him.

Hiyori managed to bring Yuki back to her house, saying that it’s better than sleeping in some random shrine with Yato. She’s also concerned about his chastity being around someone like Yato all the time, but she is oblivious the looks that Yuki gives her, how his eyes narrow with precision whenever he looks at her chest, or how Yato screams in pain whenever Yuki does a sinful thing, especially lusting after someone. All of that falls on deaf ears and blind eyes, but for whatever reason she has faith in Yuki that he’s pure.

In the beginning of the episode Yato taught Yuki how to create a barrier of light between himself and ayakashi that they can’t cross. Gods can’t create the barrier and neither can Hiyori, only Regalia can create them. Yato was impressed when Yuki made his first barrier because it was much stronger than any barrier that he’s seen from a beginner. This skill is very helpful because Yuki is terrified of the dark. He can’t even sleep in Hiyori’s older brother’s room with the lights off by himself. It’s like he’s a kid, but perhaps he has a valid reason.

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Hiyori’s family appears to be rich; they have a maid or someone that acts like a maid food goodness sake. Their house is not modest at all; the whole building screams upper middle class. Hiyori’s older brother doesn’t live there anymore; I don’t where or what he’s doing, maybe college or he got married, but Hiyori didn’t say anything regarding that. Yuki came into Hiyori’s room because like I said already, he can’t deal with the dark. She doesn’t care much and invited him, a boy her own age with obvious intentions against her body, to sleep in her bed with her. She is so trusting that he will not do anything to her that she fell back asleep in seconds. It was only thanks to Yato catching him at the last second that stopped him from pulling open her pajamas a little more to see her bra in better view.

The following day Hiyori took Yuki out on a day of shopping and volunteered to buy him anything he wanted, but he ignored her good intentions and took a skateboard from off the rack and rode it. She knows full well that he’s taking advantage of the fact that people can’t see him unless they know he’s there. She caught him and took the skateboard away and placed it back on the rack. She mildly scolded him; she didn’t even sound that mad. There was more disappointment in her tone than anything else, but Yuki took her scolding the worst way and ran away while she had her back facing him thinking that she hated his guts now.

Hiyori met Yato outside the shop and they went out of the mall to a park where he told her about sin and man and gods that I mentioned in the opening paragraph. Meanwhile Yuki was wandering around and let his feet take him places. When it turned to night he heard a small girl crying, asking why no one was paying attention to her. He looked in her direction and she noticed him. She then ran to him and clung on to him as if a monster was chasing her. Yato looked across the street as the girl was talking about waiting for her mom, and read a sign that said a small girl was killed on this spot in a hit and run. He had compassion on her as she began talking about creepy eyeballs following her around and talking to her.

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They went to a place where a bench sat beneath a street light — remember Yuki is scared of the dark? It was in that place that Yuki told the girl that her mom is never coming to get her. She walked away from him into the darkness crying and saying that she knew it. The red eyeballs called out her in her weakest moment. He realized it too late when he ran into the dark to save her that she was already possessed by an ayakashi. He made a barrier between himself and the girl from the ayakashi. The ayakashi were talking to Yuki and it was like they could read his thoughts; they exposed his dirty thoughts regarding Hiyori. All at once his barrier faltered and then disappeared.

Yato and Hiyori arrived at the location at this time. Yuki turned to Yato and asked him to save the little girl after he transformed into his katana form. He wasn’t expecting what happened next as Yato mercilessly killed the girl that became a very large ayakashi. Yato said that the girl was beyond help; once an ayakashi possesses a spirit it is too late for them. Killing them at that point is a mercy.

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