The Pilot’s Love Song 05 – Political Tools


Synonyms: Love Song of a Certain Pilot

Japanese: とある飛空士への恋歌

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After four months training on Isla, the students are beginning to look like real pilots. During this time Claire kept her suspicions about Karl in her heart, but didn’t appear to be thinking about it seriously until this episode. It is apparent to everyone that the best pair is Karl and Claire. Ariel is also on better terms with Axis and even calls him affectionately by his friend name. The episode’s piloting training is a gruelling workout on the beach and after they were allowed to play and make camp at the beach. Ariel surprises and scares everyone with her boundless supply of energy.

There isn’t much to say about the camp so excuse me if I skip it. I will mention two notable parts of the camp however: Ariel got Axis to peel potatoes for her when no one else could get him to respond to them, much less do as they ask. I sense a cute romance brewing between them that I fully support. The second notable thing that happened was when Karl and Claire were walking through the forest behind the beach carrying sticks back for firewood when Claire tripped and Karl fell on top of her. I love how awkwardly in love they’re are. If the dorm manager wasn’t hiding among the bushes, I wonder how far they would have gone; I bet at least they would have kissed.

A large chunk of the episode was filled with the beach scene, but also another flashback. I love these flashbacks because they supply a great deal of information and character background without going to extremes like in Naruto. The flashback this time was about Claire and how she became Nina Viento. Her own mom sold her to a loan shark; the other option was to sell the house and have everyone die from starvation out in the streets. At least this way her mom and younger sibling have shelter.

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Claire was born with mystical powers over the wind, but it wasn’t until she was carried away by the loan shark that her powers developed almost in a moment into something incredibly lethal. She killed everyone around her in the town in a 20-30 circle radius around her after conjuring a tornado by design of survival instinct. It wasn’t long before her powers became a political tool. The Wind Revolution was already teetering on the edge of exploding. Three years later after she was groomed into a perfect little girl transformed into a political tool that she stared into the eyes of the former prince, Karl.

She lost her control over the wind. I don’t know if this means she lost her abilities forever, if she simply can bend the wind to her will anymore, or what it means exactly, but right now she is literally nothing more than a beautiful, meek, and modest girl who plays dress up for adults because Nina Viento is still seen as the people’s savior. Nina Viento may be the governor of Isla as they head to the End of the Sky, but everyone important knows she holds no real power and her title is empty.

Karl’s identity when he was still living with his foster family was known to the top officials in the new government. IT was pretty obvious to them that Karl survived and it’s assumed they knew where he lived. There were two guys that visited Karl before he went on Isla as a pilot-in-training. I don’t know who these people are; they could be a private group looking out for Karl’s best interests, or they could be men from the new government. The only thing that I do know about them is that they told Karl that Nina Viento will be on Isla and they’re going to let him go there and give him free reign to do whatever he wants (within reason of course). That is when he decided to go on Isle.

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The last flashback was not really important; it just showed when admiral Lewis went to pick up Claire to go to Isla. She is his niece, but this is their first time meeting each other: he had no idea what her name was until now. When the flashbacks came to an end, Claire saw Karl on one of the important training days — they were doing a mock battle with paintball guns — as Karl, the former prince. She ran from him and he thought she was embarrassed and hated him for what happened at the camp earlier in the episode, when it looked like he was going to kiss her.

Their mock battle began and Claire’s heads was in the clouds. She wasn’t listening to Karl give her instructions so that he can shoot the enemy easier. At one point when he missed a few shots in a row — this was after she finally responded to his instructions — that he dropped down so that his voice could carry to her easier. He said that he wants to still be her partner and she likewise wants to continue being his partner. He was happy to hear that she still wants to be together with him, and his heart soared to new heights when she added “forever” to the end of her statement.

They fixed their flying after this short conversation and easily gained momentum in the mock battle. Karl successfully shot the enemy plane when suddenly a short distance away planes were engaged in real combat. The knights patrolling Isla were fighting against the Holy Spring’s guards. The commanders on Isla ordered everyone back down, but there isn’t a serious sense of threat from the guards, because they feel the guards are lost in an age gone by with technology. The episode ended with Karl and Claire sitting in their plane like a duck in the middle of open waters.

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