Saki the Nationals Episode 05 – Yuuki then Mako and Jindai Komaki


Synonyms: Saki: Nationals

Japanese: 咲-Saki-全国編

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Previous Episode Summaries

After Shiromi from Miyamori won at the end of the previous episode, there weren’t many huge plays being made, therefore we went into a flashback where Suehara was practicing with the club in school for the regional tournament. She was called outside by their acting coach Ikuno Akasaka. Suehara first joined the team fifteen months prior to the current story and is the one responsible for Suzu joining the team as well as getting Kinue Atago to try for the regular team. The thing about Suzu is this; Suehara knows that she makes explosive plays and when she wins, she wins big, like a bomb going off. But far from winning, Suzu is in last place.

Suzu’s and Shiromi’s part in the match is over. From here on it’s a battle between Yuuki and Komaki Jindai. Yuuki was going to win again with a large scoring play to increase her lead even further. Jindai is not doing so well after waking up. Yuuki declared riichi: this means that Yuuki must discard every tile she draws if she doesn’t win off it. The only exception to this rule is when she draws the fourth tile for a kan, which she can declare at any time during her turn. Jindai fell back asleep the moment Yuuki declared riichi and from then it was clear something strange was going on. Every tile Jindai drew was advancing her hand until Yuuki drew her winning tile. She had to discard it according to the rules and this gave Jindai and Eisui Girls’ High School a huge win, bumping them into second place going into the second match and Kiyosumi fell down into third.

During the intermission between matches, Suzu had her forehead drawn on by Suehara because she didn’t keep her end of the bargain by winning. Yuuki went dejectedly back to the waiting room where everyone was with smiles. Takei Hisa commended Yuuki for playing so well against top schools and coming away with only 1,000 lost. Yuuki was beating herself up because she knows she would still be in first place if she didn’t get greedy and declared a riichi. During the match when Jindai went back to sleep (she’s still asleep during the whole second match) we saw a glimpse of the other monsters in the tournament sensing her power. Koromo’s blood ran with excitement and so did Awai’s blood. Saki felt it and shrugged off the feeling.

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I feel bad for Mako. Her matches are always the most boring and they’re given the smallest amount of time on screen. Her entire match, both rounds, were played in the second half of the episode and for what it was worth, it was a beatdown. The other players were Yuuko Mase of Himematsu, Tomoe Karijuku of Eisui Girls’ High School, and Aislinn Wishart of Miyamori Girls’ High School. The pro player and announcer combo expected the match to go either to Eisui or Miyamori because they both have players with amazing skill. But it was Mako that we saw single-handedly win every hand that was played. She came back and took first place, avenging Yuuki. And that was it, sadly her matches go by in a flash with nothing remotely exciting happening.

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