Wizard Barristers Episode 04 – Finally Some Plot?


Japanese: ウィザード・バリスターズ〜弁魔士セシル

You can watch this series here: http://www.crunchyroll.com/wizard-barristers

Previous Episode Summaries

In this episode Cecil, Ageha, and Sasori were defending a man named Tsukuji Shimizu, who is guilty of killing 15 other wizards. Cecil didn’t want to defend him and asked to be taken off the case, but Ageha refused and said basically that it’s part of the job to defend these kind of people. But Ageha won’t defend someone if there’s no hope of victory, even a small sliver of hope is better than nothing. Shimizu has a brother that came to their Butterfly building to petition that they help his brother. But when they visited Shimizu at the jail, he was laughing and having a great old time talking about the murders and how he would kill them. One woman had her guts spilled out when he sliced open her stomach.

Cecil was wearing hair accessories that her dad gave to her for good luck. Shimizu asked to get a closer look and Ageha nodded at her to lean in. He is the kind of guy that would lick the glass barrier between him and Cecil to get a reaction out of her. Now you can understand a little better why she wanted off the case so badly, but Ageha refused and asked her to turn in her Barrister badge if she’s going to act like this. I thought that was pretty harsh to say personally. Cecil didn’t hand in her Barrister badge, but I feel she was in the right here and while it is her job to defend people, what happened to lawyers being able to refuse to represent someone and anyone (save for the reason that a lawyer is called upon by the state to represent someone since they can’t afford their own).

Rei is the name of Shimizu’s brother that asked Butterfly to help his brother. During the interview with Butterfly, he told Ageha that his brother suffers some multiple personalities. He then went on to say what the cause of his mental disease is, saying that he’s actually a really kind older brother. They were abandoned by their parents and during middle school they went to live in a foster home. That is when the other personality was born and he became more violent. But there is a trick to calming Shimizu down; their parents used to sing a lullaby that would be like a tonic for him and instantly he would be soothed.

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The trick about multiple personality is that personalities don’t share the same memories even though they inhabit the same body. Ageha used her knowledge about multiple personalities to test Shimizu to see if he really has the disease or not. She asked the judge for a mental evaluation and while he was being transported went on a violent rampage. He took Ageha around the neck and was threatening to stab her in the neck with a pen he procured from the doctor’s coat. She then began the lullaby that Rei taught her and the effect was instant. He slumped over and woke up moments later in a wheelchair asking him what happened. His own demeanor changed and he became docile.

They used the multiple personality for their trial. They hoped to reduce the prosecution’s sentence from the death penalty to life in prison in a mental facility. They won too, but during the trial Cecil couldn’t shake the feeling that they were being deceived. After the trial as Shimizu was being led away he said something curious about her hair accessories. He said that her good luck went from her to him. He shouldn’t know this because it was his violent personality that knew about the accessories and not his docile one, which he’s in now. That night Cecil couldn’t shake the feeling she was being deceived so after she took a bath she went outside and to Rei’s house where she confronted him.

Sasori was doing her fortune telling with cards. They came up with a shocking revelation about a virgin’s blood being spilt. She knew instantly that it spoke of Cecil. She tried calling Cecil to make sure she is safe, but her call went to the answering machine on Cecil’s cell phone. She then called Ageha and Hachiya at the same time — probably a phone conference app on their cell phone — to tell them about Cecil and her fortune. They both know that her prophecies are very accurate. There was a pressing need to find Cecil now. They called the cops Ekuso and Quinn for assistance.

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Rei admitted that Shimizu doesn’t have multiple personalities. He said it in a mocking tone. Their conversation was brief, but we finally learn that there are men out there that want Cecil dead, or that she stops trying to help her mom win a retrial. They call her a target, something you would call a deer or a moose and not what you would call a person. Cecil tried summoning her diabold, but to no avail because the room they were in was made entirely out of cement. Cecil’s second magic power was also nullified. She was in the process of being attacked when the roof caved in and Ageha, Hachiya, and Moyo came into the room. The two officers also came into the room, but they used the door like normal people.

For some reason Rei is absolutely terrified of Moyo. Whenever he saw her in Butterfly his whole body would come to a stop, as if he’s frozen with fear. Now that he sees her in this situation, he shaking from his head to his feet. Cecil managed to get away from Rei during the battle and she attained a new magical power just now. She can now control sand and took the cement and water from Moyo’s or Hachiya’s magic and threw stones at Rei. He was arrested and his brother’s sentence I’m sure was changed again. Curiously enough, Ekuso is a cop that conspired the whole thing against Cecil, ordering the brothers to kill 15 people so that Cecil can achieve another magic ability.

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