Engaged to the Unidentified Episode 05 – Shirayuki, the Amazing Loli Mother


English: Engaged to the Unidentified

Japanese: 未確認で進行形

You can watch this series here: http://www.crunchyroll.com/engaged-to-the-unidentified

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Benio is becoming one of my more favorite characters — really, who do i Hate in this show? — simply because she comes up with the best ideas sometimes. Like in this episode when she bought Mashiro pajamas that make her look like a cat and then some underwear. The underwear is not so much one of the best ideas, but the pajamas definitely were, especially with how Mashiro wore them for almost half the episode.

Let’s not forget what happened at the end of the previous episode; Hakuya received a letter from home telling him that they (home) are sending someone to check things out. We don’t know who that person is yet, but it’s a given that it’s going to be a relative. Also the letter said that the person coming will see if Mashiro was telling the truth in an early letter she sent them saying that she can eat natto now. Of course we know this is a lie and the person coming knows this is a lie, but it was amusing watching her run around like a chicken with its head cut off in an attempt to get used to the taste of natto and sticky things in general. Her hate for natto is so bad that she can’t stand touching it, which was why she practised touching it before eating it.

The person that’s coming is Mashiro’s and Hakuya’s mom. Her name is Mitsumine Shirayuki and she is a loli mom. She is short and she looks very young, around the same age as Mashiro whom we learned today is nine years old and going on ten. The mom is — how do I say this without sounding like I’m bashing her? — an airhead. She is an airhead that loves sweet things. While she was lost trying to find the house she went into every sweet shop along the road, walking away with no less than four or five bags full of booty. Kobeni found her by chance when she was going back and forth to the store; she took Shirayuki’s bags and guided her to her destination.

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Kobeni was, as I’m sure you were aware, worried that she couldn’t accommodate their guest the way she would like. She was worried about things like a guest room in case she wants to spend the night, what kind of food she likes, how they should act toward them, and so forth. Kobeni’s friend that that Kobeni was so cute thinking about these things and not the fact she could still back out of the marriage. It’s almost as though she already agreed to it; Hakuya has gotten used to Kobeni’s food and would say that hers tastes better even if he ate food from the best chef in the world.

She was out buying food for dinner and met Hakuya at the store. He was there buying dried natto and honey for Mashiro because she asked him to buy these things for her so that she can get used to sticky food faster. Little does she realize that dried natto tastes exactly like normal natto. Kobeni kept forgetting ingredients for dinner and went back to the store twice and when she was returning met Shirayuki, who was lost. She did not know who this lovely lady was wearing a kimono.  Kobeni was walking the same way so she offered to take her to her destination and even offered to carry her bags for her. Imagine her surprise when she got home and found out that the person she was talking to just now is soon-to-be her mother-in-law. The shock of this was so powerful that she turned to stone instantly with her mouth hanging open.

Shirayuki was admitted into the house where Benio introduced herself. She was in heaven with a real loli and a mom loli in the same spot. There was a scene where Mashiro’s lie was quickly exposed by her mom after she took out three stuff of natto. Now comes the serious part. Off hand Shirayuki mentioned that it’s been so hard finding a proper wife for Hakuya because their land is being torn up, but also because they aren’t human. You read that right. They aren’t human and she carelessly said that. They’re something like demons or spirits or beasts. So is this officially beastiality? That’s not right.

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Kobeni remembered something new from her past after learning this. There was a time that she met a black dog named Hakuya that she would rub its head. Nowadays Hakuya rubs her head when he can’t think of the right word, and he rubs her head because he liked it when she rubbed his head when he was a dog so using simple logic she would like her head rubbed also. Kobeni fell sick and was put in bed for the remainder of the episode. While she was in bed Shirayuki visited her and told her that when Hakuya saved her, he had to give her half of his powers so that she wouldn’t die. The reason why she is sick so often is because of his powers indwelling her.

Shirayuki left in the same day she arrived. Mashir wouldn’t admit it, but she hoped to spend more time with her mom than this. Hakuya wouldn’t say so either, but he was getting mad at his mom for saying things she should be saying yet, but all’s well that ends well. Kobeni was having a hard time accepting what she learned today, but it’s not like she could ignore her potential mother-in-law jumping across the houses outside of her room…

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