Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren Episode 05 – The Club That Sleeps Together Stays Together


Synonyms: Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! 2, Chu-2 Byo demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren

Japanese: 中二病でも恋がしたい!戀

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There is an unusual amount of clubs springing up in their school and the student council rightly believes that most of them are merely hangout spots. The school simply doesn’t have enough rooms to hold every club so they’re going to hold a meeting after school to determine which clubs to cut. Since Rikka is the club president — in name only, everyone including Nana knows that Yuuta is the power behind the throne — she must go to the meeting to tell everyone what their club does. Only one person from each club is allowed in the meeting. The problem is that no one in the club seems to know what its purpose is. Despite this, Rikka did her best in the meeting even if she feigned sickness and ran away.

When Nana went to the club room to find out what they actually do because the meeting was an utter failure and their club was in the student council’s crosshairs to be disbanded, everyone was doing their own thing: Rikka was meditating in the corner, Kumin was sleeping, Nibutani and Sanae were fighting over a cracker. Yuuta was talking to Nana for what it’s worth. Nana thought their club had to do with magic because it was in the club’s name and she distinctly recalls seeing a magic circle drawn on the floor.

Kumin was asleep and yet not asleep. She woke up to say that the word ‘napping’ is also in the club’s name. This is important because apparently there is a national high school napping league that holds tournaments. There are even pro nappers. The teams consist of five nappers (coincidentally) that are scored based on how fast they fall asleep, what position they’re in, for how long they remain asleep, and a whole bunch of other, minor conditions. Needless to say, a person is knocked out the moment they wake up.

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Nana knows someone that’s an advisor to a napping club (called Siesta Club) in Maple Hill High School. She issued a friendly challenge to the school. Kumin as you might expect is excited for the upcoming napping contest. Nibutani can’t back out of the challenge: otherwise their club will be forced to be disbanded. One evening, it might have been the same day that Nana issued the challenge, they were visited by the club president of the Siesta Club in Maple Hill. Her name is Nemuri Sui. It’s hard to tell if she’s awake or not. Through their interaction with Nerumi, she realized that their club is not serious about napping and asked to cancel the match. But Kumin said they’re always serious and Rikka with her big mouth said that her club will disband if they lose.

Thus began Kumin’s intense training program and guide to the perfect nap. You wouldn’t believe this, but there are certain rules that must be observed for a napping match, like all contestants must sleep inside cardboard beds. I’m not making this up; go watch the episode and see for yourself if what I’m saying is true. Her training spanned several days and in different areas. All the scenes were good, but my favorite two took place in the club room. The first day they trained for the match Rikka was making sounds that sounded perverted, certainly Nibutani and Sanae thought so, but they were wrong of course. My second favorite happened when Sanae and Rikka invented the lightning blast.

Yuuta realized that there was no way they could beat the Siesta Club members in a napping contest. He knew the only way they stood a chance was to go to sleep as soon as possible to score high. He therefore gathered everyone at his apartment on the eve of the match. They were determined to stay awake the whole night so they played games and sang songs. At one point Sophia descended from the apartment above and joined in on the fun, singing and dancing with Yuuta, effectively stealing Rikka’s place by his side for the night. And in the morning Rikka saw them sleeping together (everyone was sleeping in the same room so don’t get the wrong idea here). Her jealous expression is to die for.

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Yuuta’s plan failed; they filled with a night’s full rest against a team of five girls that look like they could fall asleep at any moment. Nibutani and Yuuta considered apologizing to the Siesta Club, but it was Kumin that put her foot down and said how wonderful their club was and how serious it is. When she first joined she was captivated by Rikka.

The match began. This time it was Kumin that rent the world and brought everyone into the realm of fantasy as they all slept. Kumin is the angel of sleep; no one can defeat her. Sanae and Rikka were also both undefeated in the battle, but Yuuta and Nibutani woke up quickly. I loved how the flow of the battle dictated who would wake up next. The Siesta Club admitted their defeat at the hands of Kumin and left while she was still asleep. The best club in the show survived to sleep another day; Kumin’s favorite place is kept safe, and Rikka added lightning bolt to her repertoire of attacks. The lightning blast could also work for dramatic moments.

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