Nagi no Asukara Episode 18 – Shioshishio


English: Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea

Synonyms: Nagi no Asu Kara

Japanese: 凪のあすから

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So we’re finally on the eighteenth episode of this show and it’s been good so far. I thought this episode was slow, but it had a lot of good meat in it, especially for Miuna’s character development. Other than for Miuna and a little for Hikari, the episode didn’t have a whole lot there, so forgive me if I forget to mention something. I probably left it out on purpose and not on accident like usual because that thing or scene didn’t have a particular strong influence on the episode.

So they (Hikari, Miuna, and Kaname) arrived in Shioshishio after following the strange sound that Miuna heard. The underwater city holds a special meaning to each of them, but for Miuna who’s never seen Shioshishio, the reality and her vision of the city don’t line up at all. The city is covered in thin one inch or less layer of sea salt. Everyone is asleep hibernating in their houses out in other places. Uroko told everyone to relax at home while they hibernate, but a few rebellious older citizens wanted to keep watch and went to sleep sitting in a chair. When they wake up, I bet their back is going to be in so much pain.

Seeing the sleeping unmoving and unresponsive to the three of them is a very scary sight for Miuna. She always imagined a living and moving and talking Shioshishio; stories she heard from her biological mother and from people she knows that came from this place all talked about Shioshishio like it is a wonderful Garden of Eden under the sea. This graveyard-like appearance with hardly any fishes swimming the pathways is enough to shake her to her foundation. Not that they’re looking for him, but Uroko is nowhere to be found and he’s supposed to be the city’s guardian scale of the sea god.

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Hikari wanted to show Miuna what Shioshishio looked like in its glory days. He wanted to see her impressed look; he wanted to feel pride that he fulfilled one of her deepest desires. But instead he yells at her when he notices the way she edges away from the sleeping people for someplace in his heart he also believes that everyone here is dead. He only has Uroko’s words to go by faith that everyone will wake up one day. To calm down and relax for their search for Manaka, Hikari and Kaname both went back home. They brought a device that reads underwater currents for Tsumugu and the scientist and set it down somewhere in the city.

When Hikari arrived back home he saw his dad laying on the ground with a layer of sea salt on him. Knowing that his dad can’t hear him, he proceeded to talk to him anyways. He told his dad about Akira and how he’s four years old and that Akari says that he looks and acts like Hikari when he was young. He told him about Miuna and how she’s able to come into the sea now and it’s thanks to her that he’s here now. He then realized that he never thanked her for leading him back home. Talking to his dad in this manner was like therapy. Everything is going so fast for him these days that he needed a little bit of home to cope with it all.

Miuna was told to stay in a certain place while Hikari and Kaname went home, but she didn’t. She moved first to get away from a sleeping person that looked dead. The second time she moved was because she heard the same sound that brought them here; she looked and saw the source of the sound like fish scales, but not fish scales quickly moving through the water. She followed after it and not knowing why, she called it Manaka and for her to wait (for she knew not at this time that the thing she was looking at was Manaka’s Ena).

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Manaka’s Ena directed Miuna to Hikari’s old middle school. She went inside the building and found evidence of Hikari and his friends everywhere. Uroko performed a miracle where he made it look like she was brought back in time to a time when the school was open and students were running about. Her followed always followed after Hikari. She would have stayed longer in the school, but as she was playing music she saw  shadow outside and, thinking it was Hikari, ran outside.

Immediately leaving the middle school, Miuna saw Uroko lazily sitting upon the school building. She took him for a god because he would be standing in one place one second and in another place a second later, but he corrected her and said he is a scale like a fishscale. He knew who she was and his eyes had compassion on her as if she was always a child of the sea. He asked her why she’s here and what she’s looking for. She lied and said that she just wanted to look at Shioshishio. He knew that she was lying, but he didn’t expose her lie until a short time later when she exposed it herself. The effect her lie had on her was greater when she was caught in the act of lying than if he said, “No, you’re looking for Manaka.”

Uroko disappeared after Hikari and Kaname followed Miuna’s tracks to the school. She said that she knows where Manaka is now, but how she knows this wasn’t really explained. She said how she met god (they surmised that she meant Uroko and not the sea god) as she led them to a place that Hikari and his friends played at when they were young. They went a bit deeper down the path and found a cave. Inside the cave is a grave of all the Ojoshi that the people sacrificed over the years. Yes they’re made of wood, but the sight of them was still creepy.

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In the center of the cave was a large stone hand and in the palm of the hand was Manaka. She was asleep. Hikari was the first to run to Manaka, followed by Miuna and Kaname in the back. Tsumugu warned them against forcibly waking anyone up because they don’t know what could happen. Hikari noticed Manaka’s Ena floating in the water around her and saw where it was being peeled off. Manaka heard Hikari and was trying to wake up, but at the same time because her Ena was coming off her she was drowning. Hikari flew into a frenzy to save her, but Miuna pointed around them because the cave was coming down around them.

The sea god was furious that they were taking his bride, Manaka, away. Uroko stood in the mouth of the cave watching them. He was disappointed in Miuna and the look he gave her made her feel like the worst person alive for betraying his trust, but her loyalties are first to Hikari. They freed Manaka and began swimming toward the surface. Miuna listened for the sound again and directed Hikari who carried Manaka and Kaname who swam beside her the right way. The episode ended with them seeing the hole Tsumugu made in the ice.

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