KILL la KILL Episode 17 – Raining Blood


English: KILL la KILL

Synonyms: KLK

Japanese: キルラキル

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Satsuki returned to Honnouji and congratulated her four friends that directly led the charge in the war against other high schools. She announced that her mom, Ragyou, will be coming to the school in person. She also said that the day they’ve been working so hard for is finally here. They will call the day of her arrival the Great Culture and Sports Festival and the event will take place in the stadium named after her mom, Ragyou stadium. Most of the episode was showing the students building the stadium to accept Ragyou to the school. Throughout the episode it should be noted that Satsuki had a wispy attitude and she wasn’t talking or acting like she usually does, almost as if she’s reached the end of her life and she was looking back on the good and the bad.

Something serious was going to happen between Matoi and Tsumugu. Matoi was serious in her own way to defend Senketsu from him even if she’s standing there in her underwear; she even said that she will go full-on naked if it means defeating him. That is when Mako spoke up and told Matoi that girls aren’t supposed to show their naked body except to the person they truly love and she doesn’t believe that Matoi feels that way about Tsumugu. But if it’s toward Senketsu, which is in truth an alien lifeform in the likeness of clothing. Mako knows what to say to get everyone to calm down.

Matoi put Senketsu back on for he was worried that she will catch a cold standing there mostly naked. After putting him back on she went outside to survey the damage leftover from her battle with Satsuki that came to a draw. The city around her lay in a ruinous heap. What was once a functioning city now looks as though it didn’t survive a WWII bombing raid. Most of the damage done here was by two people, but all of it can’t be a result of Matoi fighting Satsuki. They espied Tsumugu rolling and shooting his needle gun at targets.

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Aikuro appeared by Matoi and told her about Tsumugu and why he feels the way he does regarding her uniform and all Life Fibers. The stupid woman that he associates with Matoi whenever he looks at her is his sister. When Isshin was experimenting with Senketsu and Life Fibers, Tsumugu’s sister was the one that put on the Life Fibers. As a result she went crazy and died in a violent rampage, much like Matoi when she lost control. The reason Tsumugu likens Matoi to his sister is not because she lost control and went berserk, but because his sister’s final words were telling them to continue with the experiments that led to Senketsu’s birth.

Ira Gamagoori stood in front of the students that had normal uniforms with no stars and told them that they will participate in the Great Culture and Sports Festival along with their families. There are no exceptions. Mako’s family confronted Ira to ask where their daughter and Matoi are. He said they rebelled. He said that because of this he should throw out Mako’s family from the school, but since the event is around the corner that he’ll make an exception this time. Mako’s dad had two questions for Ira before deciding to come to the event or not. His first question was if his daughter and Matoi were alive and he said yes; his second question was if the event is going to be catered and he said yes again. Obviously the second answer was the important one here…

The day of the event was finally upon them all. Satsuki shipped in Life Fiber clothing as though to cloth an army. This Aikuro saw using security cameras that Satsuki had her commanders not destroy when they found them to lure Matoi back to the event and her ploy worked. The clothes were given to every man, woman, and child, and one dog. High quality food was given to each in turn as well. While everyone sat there in the stadium eating, Ragyou made her grand appearance in a blinding flash of light. It turns out that  the light and the words that sometimes appear is real and is captured by Aikuro’s security cameras.

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Ragyou delivered a dull speech that no one paid attention to, and then she pressed a button. The clothes everyone was wearing turned on them as the Life Fibers activated. Even the lowly one star uniforms turned on their wearers and ate them. Mako’s younger brother was the only one that was spared from looking like a blood-red and black mumm because he sold the clothes he was given for the event and painted fake clothes on his body.

Matoi, Aikuro, Tsumugu, and Mako arrived at the stadium right when Ragyou activated the Life Fibers. They used Aikuro’s stupid robot to jump into the stadium where Matoi confronted Ragyou with her red scissor blade. Ragyou was in the process of confronting Matoi when she was stabbed through the back by her daughter, Satsuki. Satsuki then heaved her into the air and threw her with force into a wall with needles sticking out that held her in place like Christ when he was crucified. Everyone thought that Satsuki turned on her mom and caused this rebellion to take over the company and then the world, but that’s not true. Satsuki said that people don’t live for the sake of clothing and that she built Honnouji Academy for the sole purpose of taking her mom down. Her real purpose took everyone by surprise when she said that she’s going to overthrow the Life Fibers.

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