Silver Spoon S2 Episode 05 – Hachiken Works Too Hard


English: Silver Spoon

Japanese: 銀の匙

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The days going into the school festival saw Hachiken go through some major difficulties that put his body to the brink of collapsing; he took on too many jobs: he became the budget man for the class project, worked his butt off in morning practicums, convinced the upperclassmen in the equestrian club to have a Ban’ei Race Track installed and did the work for that, he also helped Nishikawa with his club (his club is growing vegetables), woke up at 3:30 every morning to walk Vice President and to do some more work on the race track when no one else was around to help, he also had to clean the dorm because Bapu cashed in on his “I-owe-you’s”, and he was also called in by the teachers for some extra practicum work that every student must do.

The only thing that he wasn’t doing was studying, yet he remained still on the top of the class. He was caught sleeping in class at least once and the teacher allowed it knowing what he’s doing, but that didn’t stop him from marking Hachiken off for the day’s assignment. It’s a miracle that his body didn’t finally give up until the very end of the episode, on the morning of the festival. He is someone that I admire and especially his work ethic is something that I would like to have.

Hachiken wasn’t the only one working hard: nearly everyone was working their butt off for the festival, but nobody in their right mind would work as hard as Hachiken. For the Ban’ei Race Mikage wanted to be the rider, but her uncle who brought the race horse and the equipment (really they were just a steel sleigh and some weights to put on the sleigh) said no. She can’t do it for it’s too dangerous and she wasn’t skilled enough to control the horse when it’s going over the dirt mounds. The small principle took heed of these words and had Mikage practice every morning if she wanted to be ready for the festival. She and two teachers also woke up everyday at 3:30 to train.

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Other notable mentions in the episode was Nishikawa and why Hachiken was helping him in his club because he promised to help if Nishikawa would fix the horse sleigh. He fixed it alright, but he painted it with dumb idols on it: he’s an otaku after all. I found it strangely ironic that Hachiken would forbid Komaba from helping with the horse track because he’s worried that he’ll work himself too hard and die from exhaustion like his dad when he’s out there doing ten times more than even the teachers who were helping with the horse track.

Hachiken finally gathered his courage to ask Mikage on a date and to have fun during the festival and she agreed, but his super obvious hints that he likes her don’t hit their mark. She thought they were going out as friends and yes they are, but it had to take all of her girl friends to tell her the truth that a guy and girl having fun together and alone at the festival is a date. They feel terrible for Hachiken for it seems everyone except Mikage knows how he feels about her, but she is as dense as a doornail.

That night she couldn’t sleep because she was giddy with embarrassment about the date tomorrow and how to act in front of Hachiken. The other girls consider him a prize, but an annoying prize because he thinks too much sometimes. But as she laid in bed squirming, Hachiken was walking Vice President in the glow of the early morning when he collapsed face down on the soft dirt of the new race track.

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