Log Horizon Episode 18 – Worth of An Adventurer


Japanese: ログ・ホライズン

You can watch this series here: http://www.crunchyroll.com/log-horizon

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Krusty and his battalion are cleaving their way easily through the main goblin force. Keep in mind that most of the goblins are between level 20 to 30 while the adventurers are all level 40 and above with the top players being some of the highest in the game. This doesn’t count the near endless army of sahagins raiding the beaches near Choushi, which are about the same level as the goblins, but the adventurers there were fewer in number being a training camp for adventurers under the level of thirty, with only a handful of really high level instructors like Naotsugu or Marielle. Shiroe in his base of operations set up a communications network that ran smoothly because only one person from each squad relayed needed information to Shiroe and to other squads.

You can’t measure Minori’s and her party’s growth in terms of strength for Minori rarely fights, but stands in the back monitoring the overall flow of the battle and conducts the fight as a master strategist. Of all the adventurers taking part in the training camp, it is clear that none of the others are even remotely close to Minori’s party in terms like teamwork and  trust and to some degree strength. It’s been said that Shiroe would watch the status screen when the game was still a game to calculate where a fight will be in thirty seconds. Now the game is not like that anymore, but his ability to create a strategy still remains. Minori, being formed from his shadow, can see eight seconds into the future.

I keep calling the party Minori’s party because it basically is her party. Yes they’re all friends that work together and trust one another, but she molded the party into what it is today when before the party could not agree on a single formation to get them through the cave of goblins when they were still training. It’s good to see everyone’s growth; how Serara gained the courage to use offensive spells, how Rudy and Isuzu work together in perfect unit, combining their spells without the need to communicate. And Toya is the strong tower that blocks the enemy from getting to the rest of the party. His faith in his friends to heal him when his life is in the red is really amazing, especially when he doesn’t give his HP any heed.

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Minori had Isuzu or Serara plant a spell called Shrieking Echo in the forest around Choushi because the goblins weren’t the attacking the city while they were there when the sahagins attacked Choushi from the sea. She didn’t want to be caught unawares and the trick worked splendidly. Minori’s party left the beach in the capable hands of other adventurers and the instructors to fight the goblins flanking them from behind. Defeating the goblins was an easy task for them now that they’re a higher level and their teamwork is only outmatched by Shiroe’s parties. The only troubling part of the fight is the fact that their MP doesn’t recover fast enough.

The issue of MP is delicate. The more an adventurers uses their MP, the more of their soul leaves their body. If you recall Shiroe learned this fact seven or eight episodes back. For Rudy his soul wearing thin is more evident than the others because he’s constantly using expensive offensive spells. He feels anemic and at one point doubled over gasping for air as if he just ran a double marathon. This is when night came. Shiroe just told everyone on the front lines that reinforcements will be arriving in an hour thanks to the iron steamboat to ease Choushi’s strained defenders.

Minori’s party arrived on a bridge when suddenly it began to rain and thunder. This was an unnatural rain because walking in the midst of it were two dire wolves and three goblins. The dire wolves were stronger than the average goblin by far, and the goblins were not your average goblin either. They were hobgoblins and wolf riders. Toya stood firm between the enemy and his friends as before, but his HP was already depleted pretty badly and the others were, for better or worse, in similar situations whether it is like Toya and their HP is low or their MP is dangerously low.

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The dire wolves strength threw a wrench into Minori’s calculations. She was forced to step forward into the battle and start healing her friends and casting barriers, but the wolves were too strong for her barriers and one wolf attack was doing more damage than Serara was healing, their main healer. She could cast her strongest defensive barrier again in eight seconds, but in nine Toya will die. Being an adventurer, he will revive back in the Cathedral, but Rudy threw down his rod in a burst of courage and charged one wolf and got on its back. He rode the wolf as it smashed its head into stone fortifications with Rudy along for the ride.

Rudy rode the wolf to a certain spot where he finally managed to stick his hand into the wolf’s mouth to kill it with an electric spell. For some reason that finished the battle. Rudy’s friends ran to him and to their horror he was motionless on the ground. Reviving spells wouldn’t work; they tried twice to revive him. Isuzu fell on the ground in the orz position and finally told everyone the truth that Rudy is a Person of the Land and how she learned about it when she tried adding him to her friend’s list. Rudy had a sincere desire to be an adventurer and for that reason he worked harder than anyone else. Isuzu didn’t have the heart to tell him it was impossible. Serara heard a faint pulse and tried healing Rudy. That worked, but marginally; he will still die. They gave up hope, but Minori turned to the person she has the most faith in and asked Shiroe to save Rudy.

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