Magi Kingdom of Magic Episode 19 – Aladdin Unleashes His Strength


English: Magi: The Kingdom of Magic

Synonyms: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic 2

Japanese: マギ The kingdom of magic

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Before I get too into the summary let me announce that both Noragami and Wizard Barristers are dropped: reason being that I hated Noragami and Wizard Barristers wasn’t how I imagined it to be.

Aladdin removed the jewel from his forearm, expecting the Rukh to restore his magoi instantly as before, but he was wrong. That didn’t happen for he realized that he’s had the limiter on for so long that it will take a long time for the Rukh to begin filling his body back to normal because he’s gotten so strong. This is a problem because Alexius and the other Fanalis are not going walk away  without capturing Magnostadt them first. The line was drawn at the second of three barriers. On the one side are the magicians aided by Aladdin and on the other is the entire Reim army led currently by Alexius and his Fanalis corps.

There were weak magicians on the front lines with their magoi nearly completely depleted that had their personal barriers kicked and punched through like wet paper. The teachers’ and stronger magicians’ personal barriers were a lot stronger, but with the power of two Fanalis kicking and punching the barrier at the same time from opposite sides was more than enough to destroy them. Aladdin at this point was still waiting for his magoi to come back to him; he was nothing more than a very intelligent and kind magician about the same strength as Titus, and he lost to Alexius at the end of the previous episode.

Aladdin had a stroke of genius and immediately called for the magicians to attack from the air in a seemingly random manner. Their attacks weren’t hitting the Fanalis at all, but then that was the point. They were making the ground very weak until the ground that the Fanalis stood upon caved in and the Fanalis were swallowed up by a rushing river that was until now hidden under the surface. Many of Reim’s normal spartan soldiers were swept away in the crashing water, but the Fanalis themselves swam their way to the surface and jumped back onto dry land.

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The Fanalis aren’t known for their huge reservoirs of magoi, so what they try next is very risky. They put to use their Household and Metal Vessels. They did this because the magicians were still in the air and thanks to these weapons they can shoot powerful blasts of energy up to a good distance. The blasts of energy are ridiculously powerful. Three Fanalis plowed their way through the magicians, making their way toward the second barrier. They are Myron Alexius (younger sister of Alexius) and Lo’lo’ — and of course their leader is with them.

They arrived at the barrier and were smiting it with their weapons. The barrier was showing signs of cracking when suddenly Rukh that were so densely packed together gushed into Aladdin by the thousands. The Rukh were so thick that a normal person could see them clearly. Aladdin summoned three giant sand golems that look like Ugo, and which are probably much taller than Ugo, and had one of them sweep the Fanalis away from the barrier. Aladdin then stood at his giants’ feet as the final boss that Reim’s army must go through to conquer Magnostadt.

Yunan is one of the legendary Magi roaming the world and Alexius met him once. He mistook Aladdin to be Judal because he hasn’t met him yet, but Aladdin corrected him. In an amazing display of raw power, Aladdin had all three Ugo giants to shoot fire out of their hands that reached from where they stood all the way back to the coast where Reim’s ships were that brought them. It was clear no one was going to Aladdin, at least not yet. The Fanalis tried attacking one Ugo, but he stood there as if a fly was bothering him.

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Aladdin said something crazy: he will finish this way without killing anyone. Both sides thought that he was crazy. Alexius and Mogamett stood in awe on opposite sides of the battle of the sheer power of a Magi. Scheherazade was also amazed by his power, but she was more concerned how he planned to end the war without killing anyone. Aladdin proved that he could easily end the war by killing Reim’s army, but instead he chose to break apart his three Ugo, creating a wave of sand that swept everyone on the ground back to the coast.

Magicians that were caught in the wave were placed on high ground by hands coming out of the sand wave. Mogamett didn’t have the time he needed to repair his barriers until Aladdin did this. He quickly put up all three barriers again at about the same time Reim’s army realized where they stood. Aladdin then told them that they are free to charge Magnostadt again, but he will push them back as many times as needed to prevent a war. He advised them all to go back home. He crushed the army’s fighting spirit, except for Muu Alexius who took out his sword to use his Extreme Magic.

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