Buddy Complex Episode 06 – Another Coupling


Japanese: バディ・コンプレックス

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Two new key characters were introduced in this episode: one of them walked away without his name being told; so I don’t know if he’s really that important. He is simply known as the chief of the first airborne division. We know from this that he’s pretty amazing and a shrewd tactician. The other new character we see in the episode is a guy Aoba’s and Dio’s age named Fromm. Now Fromm is a stupid name; I paused the video to introduce my face with my palm. Fromm has an outgoing personality and people are naturally drawn to him because of how outspoken he is. Anessa Rossetti from the bridge (she is the girl with purple hair and she’s quite cute as all the girls are) has a thing for Fromm, because he’s very handsome.

Hina wasn’t cleared of all suspicion after the battle that took place, because the enemy (Aoba) wouldn’t attack back. She sat in her dark room sulking and wondering why he wouldn’t attack her. She remembered his frantic face as he tried to get her attention. Hina wasn’t allowed to dwell too long on Aoba because a male friend whose name I don’t know took her outside to see a doe and its fawn. They were joined by a few other guys, but Hina had eyes only for Bizon. I guess it’s good to know that Hina isn’t attaching herself to Aoba because he’s the main character. Also among Zogillia news, Alfried is being given a new weapon or mecha or something along those lines for his capturing Chitose Base.

On the Cygnus Fromm came for to shoot a promotional video for the successful Coupling System with a TV camera crew. The government found out that the Coupling System was secretly being funded and the project was complete. They were outraged, mostly because they weren’t aware it was going on. Their hopes was to erase the bad taste citizens and people in the government feel about the Coupling System. Dio also knows Fromm and it’s hinted that they used to be friends, but aren’t now; at least Dio doesn’t act like he is Fromm’s friend, while Fromm acts he is his friend.

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They were friends back in their training days for the Coupling System. Dio told Aoba when they were alone that Fromm had excellent grades and people flocked to him for his personality. He didn’t do into a whole lot of detail about what happened, but he said that he detests people that aren’t serious (and he detests people that intrude, when murmuring about Aoba). Dio and Fromm had a Good Coupling rating back in school, but when they tested it now their rating was very poor. It was so poor in fact that Elvira wouldn’t give permission to them to Couple.

Aoab was called down to the testing room to check his rating against Fromm, and everyone stood amazed with the near perfect rating between the pair. Elvira surmised that the reason for Dio’s emphater wave not matching up with Fromms like in the past might be because he’s experienced real combat. The emphater wave rating doesn’t reflect a person’s talent or capability to pilot. This is the first time that we see the emphater wave a person has changing. Even more surprising for everyone was how Aoba has near perfect ratings with just about everyone. His rating with Fromm is better than his first Coupling with Dio.

The original plan was to have Dio and Fromm head outside in Luxan and in Dio’s Valiancer while Aoba went out in an older model mecha called a Beryl with a camera mounted. But they gave Dio’s Valiancer to Fromm and Aoba rode in his Luxan while Dio was carrying the camera. They went out and Coupled together and flew in fancy, predetermined patterns when the chief of the 1st airborne division of Zogillia appeared with a squad his choice soldiers. The Zogillia forces were the Imperial Guard and as such were not the average skilled fighter. They came with one objective in mind, to take the new Valiancer model back to Zogillia.

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This was a short battle overall. Zogillia threw out some air mines that divided Dio from Fromm and Fromm from Aoba and Aoba from Dio. Each of them were fighting at least two separate enemies. They were losing. Dio was in the worst position, having a weaker mecha, but Fromm and Aoba weren’t doing that great either. More units were focused on them than on Dio. The enemy was leading Aoba by way of the mines and the enemy units into the line of sight of their chief commander who had a particle rifle in tow.

Dio, seeing the rifle and Aoba being led into the trap, acted instantly and moved against the enemy commander. He didn’t do much, but what he did do was enough to save Aoba. Then the three were reunited on one side of the minefield. the chief commander could have resumed battle and might have won, but he knew it would be a fight of attrition and he decided to retreat while the going was good. After this the camera crew finished the PV shoot and left. Fromm stayed behind on the Cygnus as the third and new Coupling pilot.

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