Nisekoi Episode 05 – Swimming Lessons


Synonyms: Nisekoi: False Love

Japanese: ニセコイ

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Ichijou was concerned about yesterday’s events at his house for he never had a chance to talk to Onodera to tell her that it was a misunderstanding after she saw Chitoge and him in a suspicious position As he was trying to find her, he overheard Onodera talking with Ruri, but he couldn’t hear exactly what they were saying. The two girls were talking about yesterday and Onodera going after a guy that already has a girlfriend and how immoral that is. Ruri had to agree somewhere in her heart, but she also commented that her friend hasn’t done anything yet(whether it was before he started going out with Chitoge or not).

The part of the conversation that he heard clearly for before this everything came to him in chopped pieces, was when Ruri asked why Onodera was so hung up about the guy she made a promise to ten years ago with her key and that boy with a locket. Of course Ichijou’s mind began to race with possibilities and he didn’t hear what Ruri said next. Ruri told Onodera that she will create an opportunity for Onodera tomorrow (to steal Ichijou). The thing she said in her heart though was a question wondering if Chitoge and Ichijou were really going out. She couldn’t tell.

I loved this episode because it was a giant collage of eye candy. Shuu took on the role of the average guy watching the show as we sometimes took on his perspective and how he zoomed in on Onodera and Chitoge in their swimming suits (and Ruri though Shuu mostly ignored her because she wasn’t as well proportioned as the other two). What can I say? Im a guy with normal impulses and for that reason I loved this episode. The only creepy part was Claude getting a nosebleed over Chitoge, a girl he’s known since she was a child: she is someone that is like a daughter in his eyes and here he is lusting after her.

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The subject of the episode was having Chitoge and Ichijou teach Onodera how to swim, because Ruri is on the Swim Team and they have an event tomorrow. Of course this is a plan concocted by her for the sole purpose to see if her belief that Ichijou loves Onodera is right or wrong, and Chitoge is here to confirm her suspicions that they aren’t going out. Chitoge is an athletic beast and as she was teaching Onodera how to swim, she swam like a Olympic athlete. Her skill level was simply too high for a girl that doesn’t even know how to float yet, so she sat sulking in a corner while Ichijou was sitting on cloud nine being so close to his beloved in a swimming suit.

The conflict of the episode was Onodera’s key. Ichijou noticed that she brought a key to the pool. He remembered that she said the key was for her bedroom or something similar, he couldn’t remember exactly. But, he wondered, why would she bring it here if it was for that? He believed that the key was more important than he was told; his mind naturally went back to the conversation earlier in the episode. When the girls went to buy drinks he went quickly to Onodera’s things, opened her bag, and took out the key. As he was putting the key into his locket, the girls returned.

The key didn’t fit because it wasn’t the same key; it was the key to the girls locker room. Now that’s a bad act to be caught in, stealing the girls locker room key from Onodera’s bag. He was lucky that he wasn’t sentenced to death on the spot by Chitoge; it was thanks to Onodera believing in him (somewhat) that he wouldn’t do that. She knows or believes that he took the key by mistake thinking it was her real key. As punishment for stealing the locker room key, Ruri forced Ichijou to help Onodera learn to swim for the rest of the day, so was it really a punishment?

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Ruri couldn’t figure out if Chitoge and Ichijou were really going out or not. They argue all the time bitterly, but is that because they’re so close or because they can’t stand each other. Chitoge almost ruined their facade by hesitating when Ruri apologized for taking her boyfriend. The couple, whether fake or real, acts so different in a private environment than how they act in class. Ruri is confident at least he loves Onodera. But on the day of the event Chitoge’s legs cramped and she was drowning. In half a second Ichijou jumped into the pool while the other people were still wondering what happened and had pulled her back to the surface. This only confused her more, but at least her image of him went up in stock after seeing that he’s really a good guy.

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