The Pilot’s Love Song Episode 06 – Ari-Men


Synonyms: Love Song of a Certain Pilot

Japanese: とある飛空士への恋歌

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I wasn’t expecting an episode like this, but after watching it I felt it was the perfect prelude going into a war. The episode’s location was at the dorm of the main characters and they were running a restaurant from their kitchen with Ari-men as the main dish. Ari-men is a combination of Ariel’s name and ramen; this is her specialty ramen which is so good that it had Fausto liquified in his chair asking for more. Lewis and the two teachers also made an appearance and they couldn’t believe their taste buds that a student could cook something this good. Sadly there wasn’t much going on in the episode so this may be a short post.

In the opening segment the pilots and students flew over the Holy Spring. The Holy Spring is a jet of water constantly shooting water into the air hundreds of feet and as the water falls back to the ground, the mist gives the illusion of a waterfall. The Sky Clan that fought Isla at the end of the previous episode was only the first few trickles of a raging storm. The Sky Clan uses older models of planes they knew very well, but they have no attachment to any nation. The Sky Clan exists to fight anyone that comes to the Holy Spring. Lewis plans to take Isla beyond the Holy Spring to the End of the Sky.

Karl showed that he lacks Ariel’s cooking talent after Ariel took Claire away because she cut her fingers on broken glass. Surprisingly Axis could match her in her cooking skill after watching her cook for hours. The various couples are falling into place and I like all of them. Chiharu and Mitsuo is an odd couple to look at first, because Mitsuo is geeky and somewhere between fat and skinny while Chiharu is a stunning beauty, but the thing that I like about them is that she looks past the appearance and likes him for his personality. I’ve seen too many outwardly beautiful girls in both real life and in anime whose insides are like vipers, so it’s refreshing to see one genuine beauty.

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Lewis and Bandereas are old friends from the days back when they were students in pilot school. They tell Sonia stories about how Bandereas attacked a superior officer when he was young because the officer ordered a suicide bombing run. Bandereas hates the reason why Lewis is here because Lewis is sending students to war with the Sky Clan when they do attack. Lewis isn’t like that officer Bandereas attacked, because he’s taking careful thought for their utmost safety. Lewis is also Claire’s uncle and her current guardian; after seeing how happy she is with her friends, he told her that her curfew tonight is lifted.

The friends had a fight over Mitsuo to end the episode. Noraki and Chiharu were arguing over Mitsuo’s abilities; Noriaki didn’t deny that he’s a great pilot, but he is a geek while Chiharu is very respectful toward Mitsuo. Claire and Karl, who was thrown outside by Ariel to wait on tables because he ruined the kitchen, came back inside. Noriaki went up to Karl and asked him if Mitsuo is a geek and Karl said that he was, but unlike Noriaki he also really respects Mitsuo and talks about how he’s the best one out of all of them when it comes to planes. Saying this ended the argument.

Chiharu is like a piece of wire pulled taut and then wrapped around a pole. She’s ready to break down because she doesn’t think that she’s good at anything. She overheard the teachers talking about a possible war with the Sky Clan so on top of feeling like trash, the impending war has her like a terrified rabbit. Mitsuo is there by her side as one of the very few things keeping her mind in the right place. With him being there she begins to feel calm.

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