Happiness Charge! Precure Episode 02 – The Precure That Runs Away


Japanese: ハピネスチャージプリキュア!

Previous Episode Summaries

Continuing from where the episode ended off on last week, Cure Lovely and Cure Princess were still fighting the Terribad which came from Mao (the little girl). Namakeruda is the guy controlling the Terribad and from what we see of him in this episode, he is lazy. Cure Princess was useless throughout the rest of the fight as she cowered on the ground trying to hide herself behind a flower from the Terribad. Cure Lovely was leaps and bounds better, if only because she went on the attack no matter how scared she was. I’ll give Cure Princess credit though in one aspect: she knows how to run away better than anyone else. She would know this, seeing that she’s never won a fight in her life.

Cure Princess used her PreBrace to summon a large tornado and threw that at the Terribad while she took Cure Lovely and ran away. A short distance later, they turned back into their normal bodies and Hime (Cure Princess) took Megumi (Cure Lovely) back to her mansion. The mansion is the embassy headquarters for her kingdom, the Blue Sky Kingdom. For Namakeruda, this was his first time seeing a Precure run away from a fight and he was as shocked as Megumi was.

Once inside the mansion, Blue stepped out of one of the many mirrors in the building. He is something of a god, though not a real god. He can track the Terribads from all over the world with the mirrors around the mansion. He testified that Terribads came from a small chest that had sealed four or five evil people that became the Phantom Empire. The Empire is led by Queen Mirage and she loathes love. She loathes it so deeply that she could feel Cure Lovely love from across the universe, having ordered her retainer, a mirror called Deep Mirror (there’s the famous Precure naming), to have Namakeruda find and kill the Precures in their city.

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Hime is spoiled; she is scared easily; she gives up hope, but only after trying and trying and trying again. She is at the end of the rope called hope. She believed Blue when he told her that if she got a friend who will also become a Precure then she will finally win a fight. That didn’t happen and she ran away. Megumi chased after her, but I swear that Hime could easily get a gold medal in the Olympics for the 100m dash. She left Megumi behind to eat her dust! After running away Hime went to the park where she met the candy lady Megumi talked to in the previous episode. She noticed that Hime was looking down and gave her a small piece of candy. Hime, accepting the candy, ran away again.

Megumi and Ribbon chased Hime for as long as they were able, but they just couldn’t find her. Ribbon took out some cards from somewhere. They’re called PreCards and the way you use them is by inserting the cards in the Pretty Change Mirror, which the Precures use to transform into their PRecure form. The PreCards this time transformed Megumi’s clothing only and changed them into a very cute detective costume. She became a female Sherlock Holmes. I was tempted to call the title of this post “Female Sherlock” because she was too cute, but obviously I didn’t.

Using the magnifying glass that came with the costume, Megumi located the candy girl, learned about the candy, followed found the candy in a trashbin, followed glowing footprints until she found Hime in the park. She was going to run away again, but Ribbon put a stop to that. Megumi told Hime how amazing she is for fighting against such scary enemies all of this time even though she is scared to cheer her up. It was a pretty lame confidence booster, but whatever; I get the feeling that Hime just needed a little comfort in her life so this much was good enough.

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Hime and Megumi went and found Namakeruda laying on a pile of mold on a roof of a tall building with the Terribad acting like a monkey beside him. He’s too lazy to fight the Precures so he calls upon some soldiers in black costumes to fight them. I thought I was watching an episode of Power Rangers. This was a silly scene to waste time and to show off Cure Lovely new attack. Ribbon told her to use the PreBrace and she did. She punched the air and it was like an energy blast attack from DBZ was unleashed. The black men stood no chance. Cure Lovely went to fight against the Terribad while Cure Princess remained back to seal it some time during the fight.

Cure Lovely revealed another attack. The Terribad turned into a tornado that had its body spinning, but its head and the hat that belonged to Mao was not spinning. Creepy if you think about it logically… Then Cure Princess used her PreBrace to seal the Terribad and return Mao to normal. Namakeruda retreated after losing. Thus ends Hime’s first battle that she didn’t run away from that she won. Mao was reunited with her brother. The two episodes so far took place over the course of a few hours; it’s interesting to see how fast Hime and Megumi became good, trusting friends.

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