Engaged to the Unidentified Episode 06 – Valentine’s Day


English: Engaged to the Unidentified

Japanese: 未確認で進行形

You can watch this series here: http://www.crunchyroll.com/engaged-to-the-unidentified

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Valentine’s Day might possibly be the biggest day for couples, the only real contender is Christmas Eve (at least in Japan). I was cute watching Kobeni trying to give Hakuya the chocolates she made for him, but at the same time fidgeting because she knows he hates sweet stuff and she’s also now very aware that he’s a boy of a same age. She has feelings for the guy obviously, but they aren’t powerful love points just yet. We are witnessing the beginnings of what will be a long and happy relationship. And then there’s Mashiro’s obsession with a certain brand of UMA chocolates from the store and of course Benio is always fun to watch.

Before I get too ahead of myself, Kobeni’s mom was aware that Hakuya’s family were not human. She had a hard time believing it at first, but she thanks them from the bottom of her heart for saving Kobeni’s life. Benio was thinking about the possibilities about Mashiro transforming into an animal and wondered if she could make furry ears and cat paws appear. Mashiro said that it’s hard for young people to transform easily, but an adult like her has no trouble transforming anytime she wants to. She refuses to become a cat person; actually it’s impossible to stop transforming halfway, but I have a theory that she won’t turn into a cat person for Benio no matter what.

Hakuya flat out refuses to transform in front of Kobeni. I don’t know if this means he’ll never transform into his dog form again or not, but it’s clear that he wishes to preserve Kobeni’s vision of his human form in her mind forever. She pouted after he refused her twice. I would have given in to her after seeing her pouting face. I wonder if she likes animals or something; there have been no indication one way or the other.

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So as I was saying, this episode’s theme is all about Valentine’s Day. Mashiro and Kobeni’s friend who I can’t ever seem to remember her name went shopping after school for chocolate. There we learn that Kobeni’s friend’s family runs a really successful confectionary company, seeing as there are whole shelves filled with her family’s product. Mashiro caught sight of and bought all of the UMA chocolate on display. If you remember back in episode two she watched a program about Unknown Mysterious Animals, or UMA for short. There’s a joke later where Benio brought her fifty or so boxes of UMA chocolate, but the joke is that uma is the Japanese word for horses. The UMA chocolate is a monster collector’s dreams, but for some reason Mashiro attracts Nessie like a fly to trash.

It’s good to be young, Kobeni’s mom said after watching Kobeni as she unsuccessfully gave her chocolate to Hakuya. It wasn’t until at school that he realized it was Valentine’s Day. Kobeni took him to the school roof to give him the chocolate, but there were so many other newborn couples present that she got cold feet and ran away. Hakuya overheard other guys lamenting the fact they don’t have chocolate and how this means that a girl doesn’t love you if you don’t get chocolates from them on this day. His heart plummeted.

As usual you can be sure that Benio will go crazy on a day dedicated to love. She bought Mashiro and Kobeni two towering chocolate cakes that reaches all the way to their ceiling at home, and I suspect that she bought her mother-in-law one also. In the end Kobeni gave Hakuya that chocolates she made for him after her friend stopped by her house to give Mashiro more UMA chocolate. Her friend and Mashiro told Hakuya how she made them yesterday and how flustered she was today and how she couldn’t find the right time to give them to him.

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