Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren Episode 06 – They Finally Kissed (Sort Of)


Synonyms: Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! 2, Chu-2 Byo demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren

Japanese: 中二病でも恋がしたい!戀

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The second years are going on three night, four day trip. The night before the time Yuuta went to ask Rikka if she was finished packing he found out that she bought night vision goggles to fight against the rulers of the darkness of this world. Namely she doesn’t want their neighbor, Sophia, to know they’re leaving on this trip. Also she bought the goggles because they’re cool. There was tearful goodbye between master and servant the following day. Rikka was carrying a huge bag; she wanted to bring more things including her cat Cerberus. I don’t know if Yuuta was going to allow her to bring everything, but the fact is that she couldn’t carry it.

Sanae was bored to death without her master present. She was hanging over the window in the clubroom and almost fell out. Ever since the napping competition, Kumin can be seen taking napping to a whole new level of intensity. Sanae woke her up due to boredom and the two of them decide to infiltrate Yuuta’s apartment. While they were talking with Kuzuha, Yuuta’s younger sister, Sanae cries out in annoyance that she is so considerate of the Dark Flame Master and her Master by giving them alone time, but they don’t act lovey dovey at all! Kuzuha experiences a similar thing at home.Whenever she catches Rikka and Yuuta alone together, they will separate by a few inches and act as if nothing is wrong.

There is something wrong; their closest friends and family know that Rikka and Yuuta haven’t been acting like a couple at all. It’s been almost half a year since they started going out and it’s possible that they haven’t held hands yet except when the need calls for it, let alone kissing. Rikka is naturally a very shy person. If she knows someone is watching her being affectionate with Yuuta, as their contract of lovers permit, she will clam up, fidget, blush, and run away. In that order. It’s frustrating for everyone including their classmates for everyone knows that they’re a couple and how they became a couple because they want to see the couple act happy like a couple, but that’s not happening. Rikka is so embarrassed (and Yuuta is guilty of this also) that she doesn’t want anyone to take a picture of her and Yuuta in the same shot.

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Nibutani is always a fun and interesting character. You know how she’s always trying to distance herself from her past right? Well in this episode she gave herself away while on the school trip. They were in an old town and Rikka was trying to communicate with the dead, but Nibutani was beside her talking like her old Mori Summer self in front of her closest friends. Her friends don’t mind that she’s like this and they don’t torment her about it until later when they show her a website using their cell phones. The website was started by Sanae to be an exact replica of the old Mori Summer website. Her reaction was their confirmation that she suffered from the eighth grade syndrome as well.

Yuuta asked Nibutani to take care of Rikka for the duration of the school trip, because their classmates continually make her more embarrassed by the second. A little trivia, the class thought he and Nibutani were going out last year and that they’re currently in a love triangle which is wrong but it’s still fun to know. Rikka snuck into Yuuta’s room he shared with four other guys using her old tricks. Her room is one floor directly above his and as such climbed down using rope. I wonder where she got the rope.

Rikka scared everyone with her goggles; they thought she was a ghost because her eyes were red. Yuuta, knowing otherwise, went over to her. He had to keep her away from the other guys if he’s to keep her embarrassment from shooting through the roof. Her cell phone began to ring because Sanae called then; she couldn’t answer otherwise they will know. A teacher saved them, but a new threat appeared. Everyone dashed back to their beds to pretend to sleep. Yuuta invited Rikka into his bed and my heart! My heart! This scene was so adorable. They were going to kiss!

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Nibutani saved the couple by distracting the teacher by saying she hear someone suspicious down a different hallway. Yuuta took Rikka by the hand out of the his room; an innocent guy saw her red eyes again and shrieked loudly. He took her to the floor above his. She wouldn’t leave him to go back to her own room because she wanted to explain that she wasn’t running away from him today. She said she was under psychological attack from the rulers of the darkness of this world. He understood what she meant and told her that he was also embarrassed. This seemed to cheer her up and she left to go back to her room.

But Rikka came back and, taking off her goggles, gave him a kiss on the cheek. The moment itself didn’t last very long, but I truly thank KyoAni for extending the scene longer than it really should have. My heart died; what I would not give for a girlfriend like Rikka. Nibutani saw Rikka’s kiss and held a hand to her mouth in shock; it was a good kind of shock she felt, seeing her friends being affectionate for the first time. The following day Rikka and Yuuta went off alone for free time. Nibutani happily reported this to her friends that were supposed to go with Rikka. They too felt such joy after hearing this.

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