Nagi no Asukara Episode 19 – Frozen in Time


English: Nagi-Asu: A Lull in the Sea

Synonyms: Nagi no Asu Kara

Japanese: 凪のあすから

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It came as no surprise for Chisaki that Hikari found and brought back Manaka, because when she was a young child both Manaka and she were lost and Hikari found them. He led them back to Shioshishio without saying a word, with his face directed ahead. It was at that time that she began to love him. Manaka was checked out by Chisaki and a doctor: Chisaki looks good in her nurse uniform, but the uniform itself would look better on a chef than a nurse. There is nothing wrong with Manaka for her vitals were doing okay, she was breathing comfortably. The doctor suspects that she’ll wake up soon, given that her friends also woke up with the past two weeks.

As you would expect, Hikari is all smiles that Manaka is back. This creates a problem for Miuna, who was forced to take the backseat again to Manaka. Chisaki caught her staring at Hikari talking to Manaka when he was alone with her through the door. Her eyes gave away her feeling to Chisaki; she knows those eyes and with the same look in her eyes often times watched Hikari also.

As Chisaki was tending to Tsumugu’s grandpa, she was looking in a mirror at wondered at herself. She’s gotten big; her body’s changed so much, and so has her mind (she believes, but Hikari tells her otherwise). She’s worried about Manaka and her step-grandpa told her a story about the original Ojoshi that people tend to not talk about because it is depressing. Chisaki retold Hikari the story at the end of the episode, but I’ll do it now for the sake of continuity. The original Ojoshi was taken to the Sea God and lived with him, that much is known. But what isn’t known is how depressed she was living there and how badly she wanted to get back to the surface. She wasn’t interested in all the good things the Sea God was giving her to cheer her up. In the end she was allowed to go back to the surface in exchange for something.

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Later they — Chisaki and Hikari — believe that something is Manaka’s ena, but more on that later. We learn that Tsumugu and his professor aren’t going to make known that they found Shioshishio or that they brought back Manaka, or anything else that’s happened recently. Chisaki asked why. The reason goes back to a basic principle of money; they need funding for the projects they plan to do with all the stuff that’s happening; if they publish too early, then other scientists can and will move in with bigger budgets. Tsumugu also said they’re keeping it quiet for now for the privacy of everyone involved.

Chisaki drank alcohol for the first time that night and it was a weak alcohol made from plums. She isn’t of drinking age, but Tsumugu was there keeping an eye on her. She drank one full cup in one gulp and allowed the drink ease the restraints on her tongue. She spoke about how big she’s gotten, how she is different from all her friends. Earlier she thought how Miuna is their age now as they were back then and how she is Akari’s back from back then. She spoke briefly about Miuna being in love with Hikari, but fell asleep as Tsumugu was saying that she should fill the lost things that were taken from her because of time with new things. He was referring to himself as he said that and Kaname, who was watching, knew that. This is the first instance of open hostility between Kaname and Tsumugu concerning their love for Chisaki.

When morning came Chisaki went to the sea to the hole that Manaka came through. She wants to see Shioshishio so she asked for directions to get there. I find it amazing that things like paper and bread aren’t ruined in the hands of someone with ena in the water. She began descending into the ocean, but she was caught by the current. Hikari, who was going to Shioshishio to talk with Uroko about Manaka, saw Chisaki and saved her. He took her to Shioshishio while she thought how his body is different from the old men at work that she’s forced to touch (not in a sexual way mind you). Of course his body is different, she reasoned and fell deeper in her hole of thinking that she is different from the rest of them.

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They strolled through Shioshishio with no real sense of urgency. Hikari is lost right now because it’s been a few days already and Manaka still hasn’t woken. He’s come to see Uroko to ask him about her. This is when Chisaki told Hikari the rest of the story about Ojoshi. She thought this would make him depressed, but it did just the opposite. He found hope in the story, but he also called the Sea God childish for taking away someone’s ena and giving it to someone else on a whim. Now he wants to find Uroko to ask more about the story to see if it’s true.

For Tsumugu and Chisaki, time stopped when everyone fell asleep. As their friends began waking up, first with Hikari, their time was slowly being unfrozen. Now that Manaka has joined them, it is like their time is finally proceeding. Hikari took Chisaki by the hand to go find Uroko. Chisaki thought back to the time that she and Manaka were lost and realized that she’s still in love with him.

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