Silver Spoon S2 Episode 06 – During the Festival


English: Silver Spoon

Japanese: 銀の匙

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While the festival was going on, Hachiken was in the hospital. Tokiwa found him when he went to walk Vice President in the morning and called the ambulance. The paramedics did not seem too concerned about Hachiken and this was enough for his friends to know that he’s not in serious danger. He fainted from fatigue; considering how much work he was doing in the previous episode, it’s a wonder that he didn’t spend more than one day in the hospital. But he’s young and he’ll recover quickly the nurse said. Only two people visited Hachiken during his short stay in the hospital: his homeroom teacher and his dad.

While Hachiken was in the hospital, his friends wanted the festival to be a huge success no matter what for his sake. Some of the members in the equestrian club were lost in what to do without him, but Ayame came to see the festival (and to mock Mikage and Hachiken) and they had Hachiken’s notebook with carefully laid plans in there. Mikage was not afraid to ask Ayame for help and she helped out. It is mostly thanks to her that the club held a surprise horse jumping competition. And yes, she pulled the same crap in this tournament as in the one in an earlier episode.

The festival continued without a problem. The horse jumping competition was a huge success with the adults and the kids. One girl was confused because a horse refused to jump the same hurdle twice, causing the horse to get disqualified, but the horse went back and jumped the same hurdle even when it was disqualified. Mikage explained that they don’t want the horses to feel like it can’t perform anymore so if there is time left they give the horse another chance to jump. Also in the festival was the ban’ei race. The race was between Mikage’s family horse and people pulling a sleigh. There was an unofficial prize where any team that beats the black horse gets the club advisor’s quality cheese.

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There are few things worse than sitting alone in a hospital room with no visitors. You start thinking thoughts you wouldn’t normally think, like no one likes you and they’re glad that you’re out of the way, or they don’t need you. These thoughts were going through Hachiken’s mind when his dad appeared. His dad is stern and doesn’t show emotion much, but you won’t find a father that loves his son more than him; he just has a hard time showing it, coming from an older generation where the men acted like men.

His dad practically confirmed Hachiken’s thoughts about his friends and why they’re not here. He also said that the reason why his son feels at ease here and why he has fun with his classmates is because he’s looking down on them. He doesn’t see them as competition for a future career or place in a university. This might seem unfair, but Hachiken was thinking the same things if he’ll allow himself to admit it. His homeroom teacher came in then and got scolded by his dad. The scolding was warranted, the teacher felt. He knows a dad’s feeling about a son fainting due to overwork while working on something not directly related to the work he went there to do.

Hachiken’s dad left to go back to work. Hachiken feels that his dad doesn’t approve of him going to that school so he brought up the bacon he made from Pork Bowl. He sent some of the bacon home and got a text back from his mom saying that his dad ate it and enjoyed it. His dad ate it, but he didn’t say it was good or bad. He didn’t say anything. His son’s one hope to be that he was accepted by his father was suddenly dashed.

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His mom was there, but she didn’t come to his hospital room; that’s why I don’t count her as a real visitor. Hachiken was released from the hospital on the second day in the late morning. He went with his mom in a taxi to buy some new glasses that he broke when he fell. He got mad at his mom for lying to him about the bacon. She doesn’t feel like she lied because she knows her husband’s facial expression better than anyone: she merely put words to match his expression. But Hachiken was not in the mood to listen to her excuse and got out.

She gave him money to buy the glasses and to get back to school. He almost threw the money away, but then remembered his own paycheck that he received for working for the Mikages over summer. He bought new glasses and donated the rest of his money, even his bus fare, to the earthquake relief fund. He spent the rest of the day walking to school and thinking. He arrived when the students were taking down the festival decorations. It was over and he missed everything. A club member he bumped into forced him to the clubroom where later they plan to have a party.

In the clubroom he met Mikage, who immediately looked away from him. He felt devastated, thinking that she doesn’t want to associate with someone worthless like him, but she was too embarrassed to look at him because she was relieved to see that he’s okay. They cleared up the misunderstanding and he apologized for thinking that way. Mikage gave him his notebook and explained that they kept it out as a guestbook for people to write their thoughts in freely. He flipped through the pages; some of them were harsh, some neutral, but there was one that made him cry.

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The note was written by someone that was depressed: the person watched the ban’ei race and thought to him- or herself that the black horse was working so hard, and they felt strengthened by it. Hachiken began to cry when he saw his efforts paid off; someone was thanking him for putting on the ban’ei race. He wasn’t there, but he took part in this person’s newfound happiness. For he was feeling like this person and was cheered, he was depressed and a moment later he’s filled with such joy.

The after party took place. Nishikawa brought the potato rejects as Hachiken calls them. He deep fried them in vegetable oil and sprinkled salt on them: perfection. It was a festive atmosphere, but someone was missing. The club advisor was with the principle crying over all of his cheese that was given away as the prize to beat the black horse.

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