KILL la KILL Episode 18 – Ragyou’s Daughter


English: KILL la KILL

Synonyms: KLK

Japanese: キルラキル

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Satsuki’s betrayal has been planned since she was five years old, so there was never any change of heart or sympathy toward the normal people. She always felt this way and took advantage of Matoi to fight her and Nudist Beach for cover and also because she didn’t want weak allies fighting against her mom with her. She needed to test their strength and if they can’t defeat her armies in the school war, they don’t stand a chance against Ragyou. Of all of Satsuki’s former enemies, Matoi, Aikuro, and Tsumugu are the only ones left standing.

Souichirou is the name of Satsuki’s dad. He was a very talented man when it came to tailoring and for this reason he married Ragyou into the Kiryuuin family. When Satsuki was five years old, her dad took her to see Junketsu for the first time and told her these clothes will be her wedding dress, but in the day she puts it on will be the day she becomes a slave to clothing.

Satsuki was born for one reason, to become a living host of the Life Fibers as her mom is before her. This was revealed later, but it’s essential that I tell you about it now for what I’m about to say make sense. Ragyou is no longer human. Her body is made up entirely of Life Fibers. Even if you chop her head off, but you can’t sever the Life Fibers connecting her head with her body, then she won’t die. When satsuki was five years old, her mom forced an experiment on her to make her body like her mom’s.

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The experiment was a failure and she was deemed unworthy. Souichirou and Ragyou had another child and this time the newborn baby fresh from the womb was placed as the next specimen to experiment on. The Life Fiber experiment was working better on the baby, but ultimately it failed as well due to the baby’s weak body. Ragyou pressed a button that dropped the baby into a trashbin.

Now we’re back in the present at the moment Satsuki’s revenge is being realized. The Deva Four are fighting against Nui and losing against her weaker clones. This reminded me of the time in DBZ when Perfect Cell made those clones and the Z Fighters were being killed so Gohan could unleash his full power. Satsuki’s army of students freed everyone from the life threatening Life Fibers using stronger versions of Tsumugu’s needles. It was funny because Mako’s family was still eating their dinner without a care in the world. Mako came with her souvenirs for her family. Ira Gamagoori had Mako take every innocent person out of the stadium to safety and they wouldn’t go until she offered them free food.

Ragyou was cut free from the cross Satsuki nailed her to. Ragyou was nailed to that cross with a large stake sticking out of her hands and from her heart. She is a monster, a demon capable of surviving deathblow after deathblow. The rebellion was in Satsuki’s favor until Ragyou was freed, and then from there it was a one-sided beatdown. Ragyou has a special ability that uses Life Fibers to control a large multitude of people. She turned Satsuki’s army against her and even took control of Matoi. Matoi hadn’t transformed with Senketsu yet, but her power in her normal form rivaled Satsuki in her Overdrive form with Junketsu.

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After chasing Satsuki around a bit, they were evenly matched. Matoi broke out of Ragyou’s hold quite easily after she punched herself in the face and pulled the Life Fiber from off her brain. Matoi then transformed and was going to fight Ragyou with Satsuki, but then Nui appeared in front of her. She finished her fight with the Deva Four with her clones. Satsuki walked up to her mom and sliced off her head like it was nothing. Her mom allowed that to happen to take away her euphoria in a single second. Nui was no threat for Matoi any longer. She was faster, stronger, more durable, smarter, and all around better than Nui in this fight.

Satsuki had the Sewing Club infiltrate the Kiryuuin mansion to destroy the original Life Fiber. She took the guards and bound them when she was at the mansion a few episodes back. After putting a stop to the original Life Fiber, the original Life Fiber reacted to Ragyou’s head being chopped. The name COVERs is finally expounded upon; COVERs is the name given to the clothes the original Life Fiber created. They overcame the Sewing Club, but didn’t defeat them. Satsuki’s butler saved them at the last second and carried them all out on his back.

Ragyou pummeled Satsuki with lefts and rights, bloodying her daughter. She then forcibly took Junketsu from her body and then threw her body into the concrete wall around the stadium that acts as a barricade between the arena and the seats. Ragyou then put Junketsu on and went in full Overdrive mode to fight against Matoi, who rushed over to save Satsuki. But Ragyou is on a different level entirely; fueled by the original Life Fiber her power is through the roof. Her speed is like lightning, appearing suddenly behind Matoi. She thrust her hand through Matoi’s chest and pulled out her heart, knowing that she would find that Matoi’s heart is made of Life Fibers. And then it was revealed that Matoi is Ragyou’s lost daughter and Satsuki’s younger sister; the same one that was disposed of when she was a newborn.

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There was a lot of action in this episode and good deal of plot development that made the episode seem to me like it was a few minutes long. The action was good and riveting, but it also felt really short considering they were trying to animate several different actions scenes in one episode. The plot was extremely well delivered. The conclusion is fastly coming upon us. The final villain, or what we’re being led to believe is the final villain, has appeared and taken total command over the battlefield.

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