Happiness Charge! Precure Episode 03 – The Ironclad Rule


Japanese: ハピネスチャージプリキュア!

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The episode begins with Megumi and Hime at Blue’s mansion, or the Precure Mansion. There Blue gave Megumi and Hime each a cell phone called Cure Lines. Both girls were happy for different reasons. Megumi never had a smartphone before and Hime is happy because she finally has something friend-like. Megumi already planned to use it everyday, but Blue, knowing this, told them that they’re not allowed to use that except for Precure business. He also told them to keep them being a Precure an absolute secret from everyone; that includes best friends and family.

Their secret was almost exposed as soon as they left the mansion. Seiji is Megumi’s next door neighbor and her best friend for years, they’ve known each other since they were babies. They routinely eat at each other’s apartment, as we see in this episode. He knows when she’s hiding something or lying to him. And Megumi is not a very good actor at all; her whole body becomes rigid and she fidgets away from looking into his eyes when she said that she’s not hiding anything. And then she said that it’s a secret and she can’t tell anyone. He’s okay with that probably because he knows he’ll find out her secret in a short time by doing nothing anyways.

Seiji and his younger sister Mao (we know her as the first person that turned into a Terribad on screen) came over to Megumi’s house for dinner. Their mom — I’m presuming that she’s a single mother — is out on work and won’t be back for a few days. This happens often and Megumi’s mom said that her husband is also currently gone, probably on work-related business. The thing is that Megumi’s secret was almost exposed during dinner when Mao wanted to talk about Precures and if it’s possible to be one.

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You can imagine her overreaction to every word coming from Mao’s mouth. After dinner when Seiji and she were doing the dishes, he casually said the word ‘Precure’ and she practically jumped out of her skin. It’s only a matter of time before he finds out her secret, she realized. Hime called Megumi after this and Megumi, seeking privacy, went out on the balcony and began to loudly talk about Precures and her secret. Little did she realize that Seiji was out on his balcony doing the laundry and overheard her conversation. He still at this point doesn’t know her secret, but the noose is tightening. Ribbon and Hime both worry that her stupidity will expose them.

The following morning Seiji was out on his morning jog as he is prone to do when a new Terribad appeared. The second general of Queen Mirage appeared. Queen Mirage couldn’t find the lazy Namakeruda so they went for the second general. She is a sweet-loving and properly evil person named Hosshiwa. She had those small badies attack an old lady and her dog, but Seiji used his karate skills to save the dog. But in turn he was overcome by sheer numbers. Hime noticed the appearance of a new Terribad and called Megumi, who was sleeping at the time. Megumi woke with a start and didn’t bother changing out of her pajamas. Hime scolded her for leaving with pajamas on and took the time to change their clothes before going to fight the Terribad…

They arrive on scene (a park) right when Seiji was defeated by the small badies in black. He saw Megumi and Hime transform. She didn’t want to transform, but Megumi didn’t care because Seiji was being attacked in front of her. She threw caution in the wind and transformed. Cure Princess was also useless in this fight as in the previous fights. Cure Lovely did almost everything from defeating the small badies with new attacks. There was some extremely bad animation when he donned on a red dress. They defeated the Terribad that threw newspapers as an attack with Cure Princess’s tornado while Cure Lovely purified it.

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Seiji confronted Megumi and Hime after the battle while they were still in their Precure forms. The girls didn’t know what to do; both were scared that he figured it out who they were. Cure Lovely pretended to be someone else, but the cat was out of the bag. There was no point lying anymore so the girls and Ribbon took Seiji to see Blue to explain everything. Seiji half-expected Megumi to do something like this because she loves helping people. He offered to help her keep her secret a secret from everyone else. She was glad to have his help, but Blue has another thought.

He asked if Megumi and Seiji were going out and they said no with completely straight faces. I’m sure they’re asked this question a lot. Seiji is popular with girls, but he has no interest in a relationship with anyone right now so he can focus on karate, and Megumi only sees him as her brother. That’s good because the tumultuous emotions that occur in a relationship can ruin a Precure, but a successful relationship can actually be a good thing. The ironclad rule for all Precures is ‘No relationships’.

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