Log Horizon Episode 19 – Contract


Japanese: ログ・ホライズン

You can watch this series here: http://www.crunchyroll.com/log-horizon

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In this episode the fight against the Goblin King comes to a finish. The war was one-sided from beginning to end after the adventurers became involved. Choushi was the only village that was presumed to be annihilated by the goblins, but Naotsugu and Marielle made sure that the sahagins won’t pass the beach, and Minori’s group made sure to stop their attack from passing over the bridge. Princess Lenessia saw a side of Krusty that I’m sure she would give anything to forget. He is a demon when he fights, she realized as she watched his blood-crazed eyes slaughtering the goblins. He personally killed the Goblin King.

Shiroe knows that Minori respects him and that she’s a hardworking individual that would rather do a job herself than to ask anyone for help. That is the kind of person she is so when she asked Shiroe for help to save Rudy he knew that she was desperate. She was able to keep her voice level, but it took her whole willpower to manage this. Shiroe left the strategic headquarters in capable hands and took Akatsuki with him when he blew on his griffon flute. They flew with all urgency to Choushi.

Shiroe asked for details on the situation and then told Minori and Serara to continue switching between reviving spells every 150 seconds while Isuzu continually restored their MP. He had Tohya keep watch to protect them from any monsters. After giving these instructions to the kids, Shiroe had Akatsuki take the reins while he took out the highest quality paper and ink in the world and began writing a contract.

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To understand what Shiroe’s doing we need to remember a new rule in the world. MP is a person’s soul and HP is their physical body. We learned this when Shiroe and Akatsuki was taken to the great library. Rudy ran out of MP before he died, which was why he threw his staff away and clung to the wolf’s back. His soul is gone basically and his body is dematerializing and the only thing keeping it together is Serara’s and Minori’s constant healing. After the pair arrived in Choushi, Shiroe had Akatsuki stay on the bridge while he went into the town and told her not to let anyone or any monsters in.

Shiroe appeared before the kids. Before he set to work he wanted the kids’ promise not to tell anyone what he’s about to do to. If they can’t promise this then he won’t save Rudy. He took their silence to comply and asked Minori to add him to the party. First Shiroe took the kids’ remaining MP and then redistributed it evenly among them all. That includes Rudy. He wasn’t waking up despite his soul returning to his body, but he expected that. Shiroe then forced Rudy to wake up by turning him into a zombie for three minutes.

After Rudy became a zombie, the kids finally gave way to their emotions. They broke down and cried. As Minori wep she said that she knew that Rudy was a Person of the Land. Rudy thanked her for not telling anyone or treating him differently. Rudy was giving his final speech, thinking that it was amazing, but that’s not what Shiroe wants to hear. He told Rudy that his way of thinking about adventurers is shallow if he truly believes what he’s saying. He then took out the contract he made on the way and explained what it was. The main points of the contract said that Rudy will join Log Horizon and that he will become an adventurer. All he has to do is sign it.

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Minori was the only one to realize that this was a new kind of magic never before seen in the world. What she doesn’t realize is that Shiroe is the only one able to do this. Shiroe’s invoking the power of World Class Magic, magic so strong that it can change the world forever. Rudy had trouble signing the contract for he lacked the strength to hold the pen in place. Isuzu helped him sign his name and when he was finished, Rudy teleported to the cathedral because he died. Shiroe said that he has to die once, and then when he awakes he will be an adventurer.

Minori asked Shiroe why he said those things to Rudy about being an adventurer. He replied that when the game was still a game that the term adventurer was something the players called themselves to separate themselves from the People of the Land. But he views adventurers differently now; they are companions in the world, people that are stuck in a similar situation as he. And they’re people that explore the world to find something new.

Rudy woke up in the Cathedral as planned. He flipped through his new menu options and found a new sub-class was given to him called ‘adventurer’. The adventurer menu is far more detailed than his previous one. Various emotions were welling up inside of him when Isuzu burst through the doors. She used a ‘recall’ spell to return to town immediately. She punched him for being reckless back in Choushi and made him promise to tell her about his childhood. She also told him to hold out his paw, which confused him but he did it anyways.

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