My Decision To Quit



I’m sure you are aware that I don’t post with any sort of regularity some days and the reason for that is simply because I’m burnt out on anime. I’ve noticed in the last few seasons that I don’t find most of them entertaining anymore. The reason being is that I’m more concerned on more important things, heck I’m going to be 26 this year. This isn’t Neverland and I can’t be a kid forever. I believe it’s time to hang them up. Why spend hours each day watching anime, making screenshots, uploading all of that if I feel like I’m wasting my time doing it?


So this is it. I’m done with this site and the facebook page. I’m the type that’ll keep coming back if I don’t wash my hands clean of something entirely that’s why this seemingly sudden post.


KILL la KILL Episode 17 – Raining Blood


English: KILL la KILL

Synonyms: KLK

Japanese: キルラキル

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Satsuki returned to Honnouji and congratulated her four friends that directly led the charge in the war against other high schools. She announced that her mom, Ragyou, will be coming to the school in person. She also said that the day they’ve been working so hard for is finally here. They will call the day of her arrival the Great Culture and Sports Festival and the event will take place in the stadium named after her mom, Ragyou stadium. Most of the episode was showing the students building the stadium to accept Ragyou to the school. Throughout the episode it should be noted that Satsuki had a wispy attitude and she wasn’t talking or acting like she usually does, almost as if she’s reached the end of her life and she was looking back on the good and the bad.

Something serious was going to happen between Matoi and Tsumugu. Matoi was serious in her own way to defend Senketsu from him even if she’s standing there in her underwear; she even said that she will go full-on naked if it means defeating him. That is when Mako spoke up and told Matoi that girls aren’t supposed to show their naked body except to the person they truly love and she doesn’t believe that Matoi feels that way about Tsumugu. But if it’s toward Senketsu, which is in truth an alien lifeform in the likeness of clothing. Mako knows what to say to get everyone to calm down.

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Silver Spoon S2 Episode 05 – Hachiken Works Too Hard


English: Silver Spoon

Japanese: 銀の匙

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The days going into the school festival saw Hachiken go through some major difficulties that put his body to the brink of collapsing; he took on too many jobs: he became the budget man for the class project, worked his butt off in morning practicums, convinced the upperclassmen in the equestrian club to have a Ban’ei Race Track installed and did the work for that, he also helped Nishikawa with his club (his club is growing vegetables), woke up at 3:30 every morning to walk Vice President and to do some more work on the race track when no one else was around to help, he also had to clean the dorm because Bapu cashed in on his “I-owe-you’s”, and he was also called in by the teachers for some extra practicum work that every student must do.

The only thing that he wasn’t doing was studying, yet he remained still on the top of the class. He was caught sleeping in class at least once and the teacher allowed it knowing what he’s doing, but that didn’t stop him from marking Hachiken off for the day’s assignment. It’s a miracle that his body didn’t finally give up until the very end of the episode, on the morning of the festival. He is someone that I admire and especially his work ethic is something that I would like to have.

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Magi Kingdom of Magic Episode 15 – It Is A Cult!


English: Magi: The Kingdom of Magic

Synonyms: Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic 2

Japanese: マギ The kingdom of magic

You can watch this series here:

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Aladdin and Titus saved Marga from the pit of death that the magicians threw her into. After handing her to capable adults — we know these people aren’t her relatives since they’re dead — Titus lost control of his emotions and blew open a hole to let the people free from this life of eternal magoi syphoning. The magicians didn’t approve of what Titus just did now and sentenced everyone in the 5th District to death.

The leader of their group summoned a plant monster that took a bite out of Titus. He would have died if Sphintus wasn’t so talented with healing magic. People were being flung headlong into the pit left and right three or four at a time. Titus looked over at Aladdin and asked him if he came to this country, like he believes, to stop the darkness of this country and why he doesn’t make his stand now by fighting to save these people.

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