Nisekoi Episode 01 – False Love


Synonyms: Nisekoi: False Love

Japanese: ニセコイ

You can watch this series here:

I love Nisekoi and have been reading it since it was first scanlated by Red Hawk Scans. I love the characters and how they’re drawn and their quirky personalities and how cute they are. I don’t like how the manga appears to be on eternal filler mode with occasional plot. Here’s to hoping that the anime will focus more on the plot.

Raku Ichijou is the son of a yakuza leader and the gangsters adore him. They see him as their precious son or brother and would love nothing more than to have him reign over them as the next leader of the group. Ichijou makes it plain everyday that he has no intention of becoming the next head of the group. He’s an exceptionally skilled cook and he has a very sincere and enduring personality.

His life changed forever one day on his way to school when a girl jumped over the school fence and kneed him in the face by mistake. She apologized in a hurried fashion and ran off. She had blonde hair and blue eyes, obviously a foreigner. Onodera is Ichijou’s secret passion. She is quiet and very timid and rarely opens her mouth. Among the more considerate characters in the show she is modest and old fashioned. She also loves Ichijou, but they’re both too scared to confess.

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Chitoge is the name of the blonde-haired girl that kneed Ichijou in the morning and she pulled an anime cliche by transferring into his class and even more cliche, her seat is right next to Ichijou’s. Sometimes it is like the teacher doesn’t even exist because it is seconds before Chitoge and Ichijou are at each other’s throats yelling at one another about the incident this morning. Chitoge is in the wrong, but she makes the situation worse by saying that he is effeminate.

Ichijou lost his most precious pendant when Chitoge kneed him. That pendant is something from his childhood and the central focus of the show. The pendant is one half of a promise he made with an unknown girl. The pendant is a locket and the girl has the key to open it. The girl whose key opens it is the girl that Ichijou promised to marry. As you’d expect, he really wants it back and will do anything to get it back even if that means forcing Chitoge to help him look for it.

The teacher put Ichijou and Chitoge together to feed the animals behind the school. The two are on terrible terms while feeding the animals and even afterward. I love how Ichijou calls Chitoge Gorilla (I’m using RHS’s name for her instead of Crunchy’s nickname for her, which is Monkey Girl). Needless to say they don’t find the pendant the first day they look for it.

027 032 040

Chitoge is a physical specimen. She is beautiful and has a great body. She is physically very strong for her petite body and extremely athletic. It is no wonder that boys everywhere in the school want a chance to be her boyfriend. Ichijou, who knows her personality better than others, doesn’t find her attractive. They look for the pendant a second day and this time their fragile connection shatters. They argue like a old married couple and the argument this time ends up with Ichijou yelling at Chitoge to do as she pleases, but he will continue looking for the pendant without her.

Chitoge watched Ichijou from the corner of her eyes still looking for the pendant during break the next day at school. He is consumed with the idea that he might not find it. Onodera makes an appearance and tries to console Ichijou. Chitoge found the pendant and threw it with the force of a gorilla. The pendant hit him in the forehead, but he doesn’t care one bit; he is too happy to have it back.

Onodera was shocked to see the pendant. The reason for this is rather obvious. She has a key that looks like it can open the pendant. Ichijou returned home after getting his pendant back and he arrives amid bad news. A rival gang from america appeared. The gang and this yakuza group are going to start an all-out war, but there is one thing preventing it. Ichijou’s dad and the leader of the gang both told their followers that their son (Ichijou) and daughter (Chitoge) are boyfriend and girlfriend.

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Now they weren’t told about this arrangement before now when it is suddenly thrown in their faces. They can choose to ignore their parents’ stupid plan to avoid war, but then people will die. They choose to go along with their lives in a fake love.

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